NPR’s ‘State of Ukraine’ shares daily updates on the Russia-Ukraine war in 10 minutes or less

News March 9, 2022
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NPR’s “State of Ukraine” is a daily podcast on the Russia-Ukraine war. Listen to updates from reporters in the field, discussions with officials and politicians, and breaking news. This series will post multiple episodes per day as developments unfold. Informative episodes will also unpack the past, explore possible outcomes, and investigate how these events will impact the world.

Stream “State of Ukraine” from the most recent episode to hear updates in under 10 minutes.

March 3rd’s episodes discussed Russian troops advancing in the south and their arrival in the Black Sea port of Kherson. The capital Kyiv and Ukraine’s second largest city Kharkiv are still under government control despite constant attacks and a large Russian convoy moving closer. This episode also discussed the war’s impact on Russian people, and listeners heard from a reporter in Moscow. The Federal Aviation Administration has banned Russian aircrafts from U.S. airspace, and an episode discussed how Russia would need to alter their routes and follow the order.

This week, another episode discussed Putin’s claims of fighting a Nazi regime in Ukraine. We heard about current conditions in western Ukraine, and how people are bracing themselves. NPR’s Leila Fadel took a train to western Ukraine and interviewed travelers headed in the war’s direction. There were updates on Lviv, a western Ukrainian city serving as a base for war preparations, as troops are continuing to surround Kyiv, Kharkiv, and other cities.

NPR’s Sacha Pfeiffer had a discussion with Brookings Institution’s senior fellow Angela Stent on Putin’s decisions in Ukraine. Russian troops led attacks on Ukraine’s urban areas and 680,000 people left their homes. Sanctions are stacking up, and the West is providing more military equipment for Ukraine.

To stay informed on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, tune in daily for new episodes of “State of Ukraine.”

Listen to ‘State of Ukraine’

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