Odd Pod: Trek the Pacific Northwest with Jon Mooallem on ‘The Walking Podcast’

Health & Fitness October 20, 2021
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Trek through the Pacific Northwest with author and journalist Jon Mooallem as he records his journeys on “The Walking Podcast.” You’ll hear rustling, crunching footsteps in nature, occasional observational retorts, and more.

According to Dax, “The Walking Podcast” is “the definition of Odd Pod,” and one of Podsauce’s picks this week. It’s meditation! It’s movement! Ambient noise? Absolutely! Alesha wonders if it’s ASMR, because of the calming sounds. “The Walking Podcast” is great background noise and a virtual hike through all weather patterns. Or if you want the aural ambiance of a hike without moving and pretend you went, or want a walking buddy, this podcast has you covered.

We wonder if a tree falls while Jon is walking, will the podcast pick up the audio? Well, the audio was captured, indeed, when Jon took a tumble. There are mud sloshing sounds, the rain’s pitter-patter, car engines turning over, and occasional guests like his kids and friends. Tread onward, Jon.

On an episode, Jon walked to a Victorian-era lumber mill site and called writer Isaac Fitzgerald on his way. Isaac documents his walking adventures, including a piece for The Guardian. In the episode called “Coffee Regular,” Isaac told Jon about one of his NYC walks around 10AM.

A guy in a wheelchair asked Isaac to help him zip his jacket. Isaac obliged, then he asked to be walked to the corner, then another block, which turned into Isaac pushing him to errands because he enjoyed it. They reached a bodega that didn’t have a ramp, so the guy wanted Isaac to go inside and purchase him a beer. He did, went back outside, handed it to the guy, and he asked him to take off his face mask so he could see his smile. Isaac appreciated the genuine human interaction he experienced that day.

Isaac, a New Englander, said bodegas are called “package stores” where he’s from. Then, Jon and Isaac talked about coffee and what orders are uniquely popular in different regions.

Jon has written for New York Times Magazine since 2006 and contributes to “This American Life” podcast, among other projects.

Jon’s book, This is Chance, was released in 2020, a book about 1964’s earthquake in Anchorage, Alaska. While it only lasted 4.5 minutes, it charted 9.2 on the Richter Scale and became one of the worst in American history. The ground split open and buildings and cars fell through. This book follows the story of Anchorage’s radio reporter Genie Chance and the community who banded together in the aftermath. They persisted!

Jon’s book, Wild Ones, combines history and science to delve into animals and humans in America, and the relationship between them. His book of essays, Serious Face, will be released in 2022.

Dax first heard the “Step into Liquid” episode and was soothed while stuck in traffic. He was surprised by the episode where Jon announces he found dolphins! Alesha and Dax got a kick out of the episode titled, “A Bad Case of the Downhill Giggles.” LOL!

To travel with Jon and hear where he’s walking next, tune in to “The Walking Podcast,” wherever you get your podcasts.

Listen to ‘The Walking Podcast’

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