Paris Hilton hosts candid conversations with guests like Lance Bass, Chelsea Handler, Jonathan Van Ness, and more on ‘This Is Paris’

Society & Culture March 2, 2022
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Paris Hilton gets candid on “This Is Paris,” brought to you by iHeartPodcasts. In episodes, Paris is joined by friends, family, creatives, and the entertainment world’s hottest stars. Whether she’s chatting with actors, musicians, icons, or newsmakers, it’s going to be an edgy and surprising conversation. She’ll also share life updates, stories from her travels, TV/movie reviews, and more.

Since 2021, “This Is Paris” has released over 80 episodes that can be streamed in any order. Episode length ranges from 7 minutes to just under an hour. Previous guests have included the group 98 Degrees, Bebe Rexha, Lance Bass, Ryan and Meghan Trainor, Real Housewife Kyle Richards, Chelsea Handler, Kim Petras, and Snooki – just to name a few. In “This is My Hotline” episodes, Paris will answer listeners’ questions.

On a recent episode, Queer Eye‘s Jonathan Van Ness joined Paris, and they bonded over hair, reality TV, music, and their inquisitive nature. Jonathan hosts the podcast “Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness” where he speaks with experts on subjects he’d like to learn more about.

Paris attended New York Fashion Week 2022 and shared the hottest spring trends. She discussed the “model life,” why she loves New York, and more. In another episode, Paris shared a review of J.Lo‘s film, Marry Me. Paris rewatched the pilot episode of The Simple Life in February and shared behind-the-scenes stories, if she keeps in touch with anyone from the show, and more.

An episode from January explored the podcast she executive produces, “Trapped in Treatment,” a documentary series exposing and investigating the troubled teen industry. Season 1 is all about Provo Canyon School, its survivors, and the abuse endured at these youth treatment facilities. Paris survived a “behavior modification school,” and is an advocate for survivors. In the “This is… Significant” episode from April 2021, Paris discussed her Utah trip and Bill SB127 getting signed into law. In Paris’ documentary, This is Paris, Paris pledged to continue rallying for policy change and regulations in treatment centers. Step one is to protect children and teens from abusive facilities in Utah.

“Trapped in Treatment” hosts Caroline Cole and Rebecca Mellinger recently spoke with Podsauce about their series and shared the podcasts they’re currently listening to. The hosts are huge fans of “This Is Paris” and Crooked Media’s “Pod Save America.”

Besides podcasting, Paris Hilton is an author, actress, DJ, designer, influencer, recording artist, philanthropist, and model. Tune in for new episodes of “This is Paris” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘This is Paris’

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