10 physical fitness pods to help you crush your New Year’s resolutions

Health & Fitness December 31, 2021

If you’re looking for fitness tips, motivation tools, and nutrition hacks to prep for the New Year, check out our list of podcast recommendations. On our round-up, you’ll hear from doctors, physical therapists, nutritionists, athletes, and personal trainers sharing information about diet and exercise as keys to help you unlock wellness possibilities. Hear about biohacking, strength training, HIIT, and more.

These podcasts might inspire listeners to feel better, move more, and perhaps encourage you to set new records for yourself. Check out our list, and be well!

Fitness Disrupted with Tom Holland

Listen to ‘Fitness Disrupted with Tom Holland’

On iHeartRadio’s “Fitness Disrupted with Tom Holland,” listeners will hear all about fitness, nutrition, and motivation tips in semiweekly episodes with special guests. Episode topics cover topics like The MELT Method, lifting for strength vs. lifting to bulk up, and weight loss advice. Tom recently explored whether chocolate milk or regular milk is healthier and if you should drink coffee before working out. With over two decades of fitness industry experience, he’s an author and elite endurance athlete sharing advice that has worked for him while training. The average length of episodes is 45 minutes.

The Model Health Show

Listen to ‘The Model Health Show’

Hear about health and fitness on Shawn Stevenson’s “The Model Health Show.” In semiweekly episodes, listeners can hear about topics like redefining fitness, the secret roles of fat cells, how to get fit faster, and research on the microbiome. Shawn is an author and nutritionist sharing info on a variety of health topics. In a recent episode, Shawn was joined by Dr. Huberman from the podcast “Huberman Lab” to discuss time-restricted eating. Check out episodes averaging 90 minutes long.

Live Your Personal Best – Workout Motivation and Routine Building

Listen to ‘Live Your Personal Best – Workout Motivation and Routine Building’

Emily Coffman shares motivation and fitness tips on the podcast “Live Your Personal Best – Workout Motivation and Routine Building.” In a former life, Emily was a Division I athlete and felt burnt out. She wanted to maintain her health without it being the focus of her entire life. On the podcast, Emily provides tools from her experiences and speaks with experts and athletes (like Paralympian McKenzie Coan). They’ll share tips to help you design a healthy lifestyle and stay motivated with your fitness routine. Episodes will also share tips on dieting, if you’re interested in changing your eating habits. Check out new, weekly episodes averaging 30 minutes long.

Ben Greenfield Fitness

Listen to ‘Ben Greenfield Fitness’

Learn about fitness, nutrition, biohacking, anti-aging tips, and more on “Ben Greenfield Fitness.” In semiweekly episodes, host Ben shares research, answers questions, and interviews exercise professionals and nutritional experts. Recently, Ben discussed the planet’s most nutritional foods, appetite control, gluten free diets, and more. The average length of episodes is 90 minutes.

Muscle Intelligence Podcast

Listen to ‘Muscle Intelligence Podcast’

Ben Pakulski presents “Muscle Intelligence Podcast,” a health and fitness series. He’ll share tips on building muscle, fat loss, and more to help you reach your fitness goals. In episodes, Ben will be joined by fitness coaches, nutritionists, and doctors to share insight on topics like optimizing movement, training, and performance enhancement. Check out new weekly episodes, averaging an hour long.

The Ask Mike Reinold Show

Listen to ‘The Ask Mike Reinold Show’

If you’re interested in fitness, physical therapy, strength, conditioning, and sports performance, “The Ask Mike Reinold Show” is for you! Check out episodes on recovering after surgery, enhancing strength and stability in athletics, and widening athletes’ range of motion. Episodes will also answer questions about best stretches for baseball pitchers and how to start athlete’s offseason training, just to name a few topics. Check out new, weekly episodes, all under 20 minutes long.

Peak Human – Unbiased Info for Optimum Health, Fitness & Living

Listen to ‘Peak Human – Unbiased Info for Optimum Health, Fitness, & Living’

“Peak Human” is a health and nutrition podcast hosted by filmmaker and health coach Brian Sanders. In episodes, listeners will hear from doctors, researchers, and journalists on a variety of health topics. For example, episodes suggest how to conquer cravings, avoid overeating, and what foods can detoxify the body. New episodes are available weekly and run 90 minutes on average.

Your Fitness Formula

Listen to ‘Your Fitness Formula’

Curious about biohacking, the keto diet, HIIT, veganism, and other health programs? Check out “Your Fitness Formula” for info from nutritionists, personal trainers, athletes, and more. Host Teddy Benz wants to inspire you on your fitness journey by sharing people’s stories. Hear tips on food journaling, lifestyle changes, the connection between mental and physical health, and more.

Feel Better with Tara Stiles

Listen to ‘Feel Better with Tara Stiles’

“Feel Better with Tara Stiles” premiered in December 2021. Tara is a yogi and best-selling author who shares insight and encouragement on weekly episodes. The first episode discussed her path to yoga, synchronicity, and tips to feel better outside yoga class.

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