‘Podcast But Outside’ interviews random strangers, and it’s so wholesome

Comedy December 21, 2021
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Cole Hersch and Andrew Michaan are doing a “Podcast But Outside.” So many podcasts are recorded inside and, obviously, that needs to change. So à la Billy on the Street, the two, with slightly less chaotic intentions, take their show to the streets. They set up a table with three microphones in front of offices, coffee shops, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Dodger Stadium, a college bar, etc. and passersby can agree to take their offer of one dollar to be interviewed.

Since 2019, these two have been asking random people their goals and dreams and various other personal questions. Sometimes they visit topical places (like Salem for their Halloween episode), but mostly, it’s totally random. With over 130 episodes, they are certainly pros at interviewing strangers. Episodes are an hour long and come out every Wednesday.

Actor Adam Scott (Parks and Rec, The Good Place, “Ghostwriter“) is actually a big fan of this podcast, recommending it on a recent episode of Podsauce. And we think that if Adam Scott likes your podcast, you must be doing something right.

And truly, “Podcast But Outside” is doing everything right. They pull surprisingly fascinating stories out of completely random strangers. Hersch and Michaan are hilariously high energy, getting excited over things most people don’t, like being an administrative assistant at an accounting firm. They delight their interviewees with their genuine elation at hearing more about their lives.

The two have set up shop outside of weddings at which they did not know neither the groom nor the bride, but they are more curious about whether guests are “friends or foes” over “team bride or team groom.” They’ve set up in the middle of total chaos on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Pink Instagram Wall, and outside of a club, and they’ve also set up outside of weirder places like garage sales and public restrooms.

Most recently, “Podcast But Outside” interviewed the many passersby of Joe Biden’s apartment. They sat outside the White House and interviewed some Peruvian brothers who definitely had somewhere else to be, a woman still salty about recently being fired as a nanny, and an elderly political activist who lists off the reasons why he knows he couldn’t cohabitate with a lover. They count snipers on the roof of Biden’s apartment building and stand within view of every picture being taken of the White House.

If you are looking for a new podcast to fall in love with within five minutes of listening, “Podcast But Outside” will be that for you. If you’re a sucker for interview podcasts, but you’re tired of hearing all of the same celebrities on every single one, you truly need to give this one a go. It’s wholesome, addictive, and Hersch and Michaan have an authentic love for hearing people’s weird stories. So, go, listen to “Podcast But Outside” and prepare for the day that you, too, will meet them to podcast, but outside.

Listen to ‘Podcast But Outside’

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