China’s surveillance balloon: 5 podcast episodes about downing objects from North American skies

News February 18, 2023

We’re still learning more about China’s surveillance balloon and three additional objects that were shot down from North American airspace this month. Check out these podcast episodes if you’d like to learn more about the surveillance balloon, its wreckage, and updates about the other objects.

Tune in for episodes from “The Daily,” “The Micah Hanks Program,” “WSJ What’s News,” “What A Day,” and “Global News Podcast.”

The Daily podcast art

The Daily

Listen to ‘Why the U.S. Keeps Shooting Objects Out of the Sky’ on ‘The Daily’

National security reporter for The New York Times, Julian E. Barnes, joined this episode of “The Daily” to discuss the Chinese surveillance balloon and updates we’ve learned. Since this balloon, the U.S. has taken down three more flying objects in North American skies. Barnes discusses what the U.S. military has announced as a global initiative China has launched to acquire info on military operations.

The Micah Hanks Program

The Micah Hanks Program

Listen to ‘The Micah Hanks Program’ editor Brett Tingley joined this episode to talk about the balloon, the “debate over the DOD’s investigations into UAP,” and if some military encounters’ reports of phenomena could have been kinds of spy balloons. 

WSJ What's News

WSJ What’s News

Listen to ‘Unidentified Objects Shot Down in U.S. Airspace: What We Know’ on ‘WSJ What We Know’

Since the U.S. shot a fourth flying object last weekend, we’re still asking questions. WSJ national-security editor Daniel Nasaw and “WSJ What’s News” host Annmarie Fertoli share what we’ve learned until now. 

What a Day podcast art

What A Day

Listen to ’99 Surveillance Balloons Go By’ on ‘What A Day’

This “What A Day” episode discusses the three additional “unidentified aerial objects” shot down after the Chinese spy balloon. Stay through the entire episode to hear news updates on the Turkey-Syria earthquake, Ohio’s train derailment, and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s anticipated presidential run announcement.

BBC Global News Podcast

Global News Podcast

Listen to ‘Mystery surrounds UFOs shot down by US military’ on ‘Global News Podcast’

On Sunday, President Joe Biden had the fourth object this month shot down from the sky, and we’ll hear more in this episode. Also hear about what happened inside the Israeli parliament as the government is said it turned Israel “into a dark dictatorship.” This episode also discusses the Super Bowl and Rihanna’s halftime performance.


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