‘Dune’-obsessed? 7 podcast episodes all about HBO Max’s sci-fi epic

TV & Film October 27, 2021

Get swept up in the sci-fi world of HBO Max’s Dune with this pile of podcast episodes. If you’ve already seen 2021’s highly-anticipated iteration from filmmaker Denis Villeneuve or David Lynch‘s 1984 clunky cult-favorite, awesome! If not, let these podcasts up the ante until you can stream it on HBO Max or catch it in theaters. Or take a listen to extend your stay in the sci-fi world and celebrate the prospect of its sequel slated for October, 2023.

Dune is a complex, mind-blowing interplanetary tale adapted from Frank Herbert’s epic, published in 1965. In the latest film, Timothée Chalamet stars as Paul, a duke’s son with messianic tendencies, a figure who can control space and time and unite the galaxy. The story’s themes dabble in love, destiny, colonialism, war, climate change, and love, and jumps settings – going from a forest-y terrain to a desert planet, Arrakis, where an important substance is harvested. Dune also stars Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson, and Jason Momoa. We, as well as the rest of the Internet, are also surprised Zendaya was only in the film for seven minutes.

Anyway, tune into these podcast episodes all about Dune. We’ve selected 7 episodes with analyses, recaps, and more.

Recode Daily

Listen to ‘Dune was ahead of its time’ on ‘Recode Daily’

Vox’s “Recode Daily” shares the day’s hottest technology and business news. On this episode, host Adam Clark Estes chats with Vox film critic Alissa Wilkinson to recap previous iterations of Dune, including David Lynch’s 1984 adaptation with Kyle MacLachlan and Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Dune from the 1970s, which never saw the light of day. Jodorowsky wanted Dali to be part of this psychedelic, surreal experience. Alissa discusses the film’s emphasis on imagery. They contemplated if it could be compared to 2001: A Space Odyssey and discussed why sci-fi stories keep expanding their worlds with reboots. Later in the episode, Gizmodo’s Geo Dvorsky discusses the timeliness of Dune, and how the themes are especially pertinent in 2021.

Pop Culture Happy Hour

Listen to ‘Dune And What’s Making Us Happy’ on ‘Pop Culture Happy Hour’

NPR’s “Pop Culture Happy Hour” shares daily episodes on their staff’s picks and updates on new releases. On this episode, hosts Glen Weldon and Aisha Harris are joined by Bilal Qureshi and Amil Niazi. They recapped Dune’s plot, shared initial takes, and discussed the cinematography. Bilal reviewed the movie for NPR, had previously read the book series, and was a fan of Lynch’s “hot mess” film version. He talked about the movie’s pacing, since it’s such a saga that requires plenty of setup and character-establishing time before the action happens. Then, they asked and answered each others’ questions regarding Dune and discussed how the ending paves the way for a sequel.

The Big Picture

Listen to ‘Dune. DUNE. DUNE!’ on ‘The Big Picture’

The Ringer’s “The Big Picture” digs into new releases and speaks with filmmakers and industry insiders. On this episode, hosts Sean Fennessey and Amanda Dobbins were joined by guest Chris Ryan to chat about the “desert power” of Dune. They shared positive reviews and harped on how ambitious of a project it is, since it was adapted from the book. Also, they compared and contrasted 2021’s Dune with 1984’s version.

The Ringer-Verse

Listen to ”Dune’ Instant Reactions | The Midnight Boys’ on ‘The Ringer-Verse’

Spotify’s “The Ringer-Verse” is hosted by The Midnight Boys. On this episode, Van Lathan and Charles Holmes share their instant reactions on Dune. They also discussed how they decide to see a film in theaters instead of streaming it at home if it’s available on platforms. For example, they’re excited for The Matrix 4 and wouldn’t miss it in theaters. The hosts discuss their opinions of Lynch’s version, the incredible world Dune is set in, and whether or not they’d look forward to a sequel.

Movie Mike’s Movie Podcast

Listen to ‘The Scariest Movies of the Last 20 Years + Movie Review: Dune (HBO Max)’ on ‘Movie Mike’s Movie Podcast

Movie Mike D is a walking “IMDB with glasses” who hosts his podcast in addition to writing and producing “The Bobby Bones Show” and “The BobbyCast.” Mike loves sharing reviews of the latest films and compiling themed roundups, such as the best PG-13 rated Halloween films. On this episode, Mike D explores his list of scariest movies from the last 20 years. Then, Mike D shares his takes on HBO Max’s Dune.

Pop Culture Cosmos

Listen to ‘Pop Culture Cosmos #269- Dune‘s Uncertain Future, What Happened at Razercon, and Is The Target Experience As Good As It Once Was?’

Hosts Josh and Gerald review Dune on this “Pop Culture Cosmos” episode, and they wonder if a sequel can be justified. Later in the episode, the hosts look at Uncharted‘s trailer, the Guardians of the Galaxy video game. They also discuss Netflix’s upcoming Cowboy BeBop series and are joined by Twitch streamer Jamie Monroy aka Degenrate2018 about Razercon 2021. On a different note, the hosts switch gears to Target, its business model, and how the retailer is not as toy-devoted as it used to be.

Mad About Movies

Listen to ‘Dune 2021’ on ‘Mad About Movies’

On this “Mad About Movies,” episode, Nate Tice from “The Athletic Football Show” join the hosts to debate whether this remake was worth the wait. After production delays and postponed release dates due to COVID, they discuss anything they think could have been added to or left out of HBO Max’s version. Later in the episode, the hosts share their film recommendations of the week.

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