If you love the When We Were Young music festival lineup, you need to listen to these 12 podcast episodes

Music January 25, 2022

The When We Were Young Festival is scheduled on October 22nd, 23rd, and 29th in Las Vegas for what just might be the pop punk and emo version of Woodstock. Heavyweights like My Chemical Romance and Paramore are slated along with bands that rocked Warped Tours of the aughts like The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Boys Like Girls, The Maine, and Mayday Parade, just to name a few on the major(!!!!) lineup. Newer artists like Lil Huddy, Palaye Royale, Pvris, and more are also on the roster.

We’ve rounded up several podcast episodes to get hyped for When We Were Young festival or if you’re a general fan of music. There are podcast episodes interviewing Avril Lavigne, My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way, Paramore’s Hayley Williams, AFI’s Davey Havok, and Taking Back Sunday’s Adam Lazzara.

My Turning Point

Listen to Gerard Way on ‘My Turning Point’

Gerard Way stopped by “My Turning Point” in October 2021 to explore My Chemical Romance’s groundbreaking release The Black Parade, the band’s reunion, and upcoming shows. Gerard shared about his solo record and his friendship with The Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan, including going to pick out amps together. He also shared about writing comics, having The Umbrella Academy adapted for Netflix, and he talked about Dave Chapelle.

Anna Faris is Unqualified

Listen to Hayley Williams on ‘Anna Faris is Unqualified’

In June 2021, Paramore’s frontwoman Hayley Williams joined Anna Faris to chat about songwriting and being in a band vs. her solo project. She also shared about growing up and being unique while achieving her dreams. The convo got quite personal, delving into therapy, empathy, emotional intelligence, heartbreak, infidelity, qualities in a potential partner, and more. Williams discussed what it was like to meet Amy Grant and her favorite spots in Nashville, Tennessee. This series is presented by Unqualified Media.

Elvis Duran on Demand

Listen to Avril Lavigne on ‘Elvis Duran on Demand’

On January 14, 2022, Avril Lavigne chatted with the crew of “Elvis Duran on Demand.” She’s stoked for her new album, Love Sux, set to drop on February 25, 2022. While this interview happened before the When We Were Young festival was announced, Avril talked about future tours and working with Travis Barker.

Kyle Meredith With…

Listen to Lil Huddy on ‘Kyle Meredith With…’

TikTok star and musical artist Lil Huddy chatted with Kyle Meredith about his debut record, Teenage Heartbreak. He shares his musical influences like Green Day and Blink-182, writing about relationships and his stage name (he was born Chase Hudson). Lil Huddy recently collaborated with The All American Rejects’ Tyson Ritter and talked about that experience. In addition, he shared his experience filming for Netflix’s docuseries, The Hype House.

Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon

Listen to jxdn on ‘Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon’

In this 21-minute interview, jxdn told hosts Mitch Lafon and Jeremy White about writing his album, Tell Me About Tomorrow, feeling comfortable on stage, and playing these songs live for the first time. jxdn shared why his parents are supportive of his music, how a Juice WRLD concert changed his life, and hitting his punk phase when listening to The Descendants. He shared what it’s like to make an impact with his music and reach a wide audience on TikTok. “Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon” posts weekly interviews with musicians.

Breaking Through the Podcast

Listen to Lynn Gunn ‘Breaking Through the Podcast’

Lynn Gunn fronts the band Pvris and chatted with “Breaking Through the Podcast” hosts Ariel Lask and Twinnie about writing, producing, and being an artist. Lynn discussed her backstory, her creative process, finding her voice, following her gut instinct, and more in this 59-minute interview.

Emo Social Club

Listen to Casey Cavaliere on ‘Emo Social Club’

Hosts Brian and Lizzie talked to The Wonder Years’ Casey Cavaliere in early 2022 about music and life, and we learned he loves being kind to everyone. Casey explored hyper-pop, working on his music production podcast, The Record Process, the ins-and-outs of sound design, recording, and more on this 78-minute episode.

Lipps Service with Scott Lipps

Listen to Palaye Royale on ‘Lipps Service with Scott Lipps’

In this episode, the brothers in Palaye Royale stopped by “Lipps Service with Scott Lipps” to talk about fashion, styling, touring, and their new album. Remington, Sebastian, and Emerson reminisced about their early tour days and passing out flyers to shows on the sidewalk in cities, along with the band’s early inspirations including The Rolling Stones, The Faces, and the New York Dolls. In this 52-minute episode, you’ll hear an anecdote involving Gene Simmons from Kiss and more. This series is presented by Audio Up.

Washed Up Emo

Listen to Adam Lazzara (Taking Back Sunday) on ‘Washed Up Emo’

Taking Back Sunday’s Adam Lazzara spoke with “Washed Up Emo” for a 72-minute episode in September 2021. Adam shared which show originally made him move from North Carolina to Long Island. In recent years, Lazzara moved back to Charlotte, North Carolina. He discussed starting his earlier bands and Taking Back Sunday, finding Led Zeppelin at age 25, the connotation of the word “emo,” and more.

Who Am I

Listen to Davey Havok of AFI on ‘Who Am I’

AFI’s lead singer Davey Havok talked with host Steve Baltin on “Who Am I.” In this 52-minute episode, Davey shares what standards his grandfather used to sing him, being uninspired during most of the pandemic, his first time seeing Rocky Horror Picture Show, and more. The last time Steve talked to Davey, he had just released his book, Pop Kids. “Who Am I” is presented by PodcastOne.

Finding Emo

Listen to Ep042 – ‘So Impossible EP’ by Dashboard Confessional on ‘Finding Emo’

On the 20th anniversary of Dashboard Confessional’s So Impossible EP, “Finding Emo” hosts Blake Fischer, Kris Monier, and Kyle Simmons unpacked the four songs. Later in the episode, they discussed dating world in 2001, in comparison to 2021. This episode is an hour long.

Live in Concert

Listen to ‘SXSW 2011: Bright Eyes Live In Concert’ on ‘Live in Concert

Bright Eyes played at 2011’s SXSW festival, and NPR shared their 2-hour concert in this episode of “Live in Concert.” This show was recorded at a SXSW showcase at Auditorium Shores in Austin, Texas, on March 19, 2011.


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