We’ll talk about Bruno: 8 podcasts about ‘Encanto,’ from its chart-topping soundtrack to its leading lady

TV & Film January 21, 2022

Perhaps you’ve heard of a little movie called Encanto. Nestled deep in the Colombian mountains lives the Madrigal family, and each of the family members have magical powers that keep the town and its people safe. Well, all except one – our main character Mirabel Madrigal, voiced by Stephanie Beatriz.

Disney’s newest feature film, released in November of 2021, has been a little bit of a sleeper hit, but it’s finally getting the recognition it deserves. With a soundtrack written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the movie’s album has bumped Adele’s 30 from her number one spot on the charts, and We Don’t Talk About Bruno is sweeping the charts (and TikTok). Encanto is reaching new heights not yet seen by Disney movies in the 21st century.

And truly, we need to know more about the magical world of Encanto. Here we have all sorts of podcasts about Encanto: film reviews, music reviews, interviews with Stephanie Beatriz and Lin-Manuel Miranda, and more. Hear all about Disney’s 60th animated feature film with these podcasts about Encanto.

Pop Culture Happy Hour

Listen to ‘Encanto’

Our trusty “Pop Culture Happy Hour” has yet to fail us. Listen to their quick 20-minute review and recap of Disney’s newest venture, complete with some mixed reviews about the simplicity of the story (but, in fairness, it is a kids’ movie). Hear what all four hosts have to say about Lin-Manuel Miranda’s soundtrack, as well as the villain-less angle the movie bravely tried to take.

The Big Picture

Listen to ‘‘Encanto’ and the 10 Most Underrated Movies of 2021’

Andy Greenwald joins host Sean Fennessey to talk about Encanto and his admiration for the animator’s character work. He talks about the film not only from the standpoint of a parent constantly searching for appropriate movies for his children but as a lover of movies. And we totally agree that Encanto was extremely underrated when it first came out, perhaps due to pandemic shut-downs, but even Sean comments that the movie somehow passed him by. For the last half of the episode, hear Sean chat with Adam Nayman about the top 10 most underrated, underseen, and under-discussed movies of 2021.

Bacon and Eggs: A Movie Lover’s Podcast

Listen to ‘Encanto (2021)’

Just as hearty as the breakfast staples, “Bacon and Eggs: A Movie Lover’s Podcast” is taking a simple, standard topic like movie reviews and churning out fresh and entertaining episodes all about the biggest blockbusters of our time. Listen to two grown men gush about Encanto, even citing the Latin American classic fables from which the story is based on (as all Disney movies are), and hear about the history of the genre of magic realism and the Latin American authors who wrote it.

Pop Shop Podcast

Listne to ”Encanto’ Tops the Billboard 200, But These Classic Disney Soundtracks Didn’t’

Look, we didn’t want to just hit you with reviews of Encanto. We all know that the animation was beautiful, the story was heartfelt, and maybe their should’ve been an actual villain (#JusticeForBruno). Well, “Pop Shop Podcast” is coming in absolutely clutch with their episode about the music of Encanto. With We Don’t Talk About Bruno becoming the highest charting Disney song of the 21st century, and Surface Pressure peaking at number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, hosts Katie and Keith are looking at the history of Disney songs on the charts, including the ones that just missed.

Backstage Pass with Eric Vetro

Listen to ‘Stephanie Beatriz’

Eric Vetro, vocal coach to the stars, hosts “Backstage Pass with Eric Vetro,” in which he speaks with the singers and actors he has worked with to improve their voices. And one of those people just so happens to be Stephanie Beatriz, voice of the main character in Encanto, Mirabel Madrigal. Not really known for her singing, but definitely well-known for her ability to change her voice (she plays Rosa Diaz in Brooklyn 99 and sounds absolutely nothing like that character in real life), she and Eric chat about getting ready for her singing role in Encanto. It’s an incredibly interesting (and sweet) interview about confidence, vocal techniques, and what happens to your voice when you’re pregnant.

Black Men Can’t Jump [In Hollywood]

Listen to ‘Encanto w/ Alise Morales’

Black Men Can’t Jump [In Hollywood]” is a film podcast focusing on films with lead actors of color and analyzing them through the lens of race and diversity in Hollywood. The three hosts, James, Jerah, and Jonathan, are hilarious, insightful, and always giving us new ways to watch movies. This week, they were joined by comedian Alise Morales to talk all about the Colombian-set Encanto.

D23 Inside Disney

Listen to ‘Episode 115: Lin-Manuel Miranda and Stephanie Beatriz on Encanto’

“D23 Inside Disney” is the ultimate podcast for die-hard Disney fans. Our hosts speak to those both in front of and behind the cameras, getting the inside scoop on the latest happenings on the Disney lot. This episode from November 24 is an interview with Stephanie Beatriz and Lin-Manuel Miranda to talk all things Encanto, Moana, The Little Mermaid, Disneyland, etc. Beatriz talks about her audition, telling the directors and co-directors of the film how much she loved their previous Disney film Zootopia, and Miranda talks about creating music for yet another strong ensemble.

Next Best Picture Podcast

Listen to ‘Interviews With “Encanto” Star Stephanie Beatriz, Director Byron Howard & Co-Directors/Co-Writers Jared Bush & Charise Castro Smith’

In the “Next Best Picture Podcast,” host Matt Neglia sat down with four of biggest players in Disney’s 60th animated feature film. There’s director Byron Howard and co-director/writer Jared Bush, who reunited for Encanto after working together on Academy-Award winning Zootopia. Along with the other co-director/writer Charise Castro Smith, and Stephanie Beatriz of course, they talk all about the creation of magical world of Encanto.

“Next Best Picture Podcast” also has another episode on Encanto: a 45-minute review of the film where host Josh Parham and guest Josie Melendez discuss the film’s Oscar potential.

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