Who said adulting has to be hard? 11 podcasts by and for millennials

Society & Culture January 20, 2022

If you’re a millennial, odds are that you’re listening to podcasts or perhaps you’re a podcaster yourself. We’ve selected several podcasts by millennials for millennials tackling a variety of subjects. On our list, we have podcasts sharing life hacks, advice, self-help wisdom, wellness tools, and more.

Two shows cater to entrepreneurs and career-oriented folks with episodes on marketing, side hustling, and productivity tips. Most of these podcasts by millennials and for millennials take a comedic approach when exploring topics like dating and current events.

Tune into our complete list of podcasts by millennials for millennials:

Girls Gotta Eat

Listen to ‘Girls Gotta Eat’

“Girls Gotta Eat” is a comedy podcast answering your burning questions, hosted by Ashley Hesseltine and Rayna Greenberg. You’ll hear about relationships, dating, sex, and more in biweekly episodes as the duo is often joined by guests. They’ll unpack topics like fake orgasms, meeting people in the wild vs. on the apps, rebounding, friendship red flags, and more. Since 2018, the show has released over 200 episodes, averaging 90 minutes long.

Ear Biscuits

Listen to ‘Ear Biscuits’

“Ear Biscuits” is hosted by the YouTubers and authors Rhett and Link. If you’re a fan of their “Good Mythical Mornings” series, you might enjoy this semimonthly podcast. Rhett and Link delve into topics like therapy, holiday mishaps, sex, college, taking trips, and more. In November 2021, Matthew McConaughey stopped by “Ear Biscuits,” and they had a philosophical convo on life and meaning. This podcast is presented by Mythical & Ramble, and has released over 320 episodes since 2013, streaming under 90 minutes on average.

The Tiny Meat Gang Podcast

Listen to ‘The Tiny Meat Gang Podcast’

“The Tiny Meat Gang Podcast” hosts Cody Ko and Noel Miller want to make you laugh with their weekly series, comparable to their separate YouTube channels’ antics. Since 2017, this podcast has released over 230 episodes, and all episodes are under seventy minutes on average. This series is a TMG Studios production.

The Viall Files

Listen to ‘The Viall Files’

Bachelor franchise expert and alum Nick Viall hosts Kast Media’s “The Viall Files.” Over the years, he’s had a ton of on- and off-camera dating experience. Nick appeared on two seasons of The Bachelorette, a season of Bachelor in Paradise, and he was The Bachelor in Season 21. Nick chats about relationships, shares dating advice, and invites listeners to submit questions to be answered in future episodes based on his Instagram series “Questions with Nick.” Nick also recaps the latest Bachelor franchise drama in episodes and is joined by guests.

Almost 30 podcast art

Almost 30

Listen to ‘Almost 30’

BFFs Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik share candid, heartfelt conversations and interviews with special guests to empower listeners and help them evolve. Hear about topics like wellness, spirituality, finances, social justice, self-help, and more, as the guests hope to add a humorous filter to each episode. Conversations might even ride out tangents on aliens. Check out over 490 episodes, running under 2 hours.

New Mindset, Who Dis?

Listen to ‘New Mindset, Who Dis?’

Host Case Kenny offers mental health advice on his weekly podcast, “New Mindset, Who Dis?” Hear all about detachment and attachment styles, loneliness, leveling up and going “from zero to baddie,” modern dating, and self-reliance, just to name a few. Tune into over 380 episodes, running under 30 minutes long.

We Met at ACME

Listen to ‘We Met at ACME’

Dear Media’s “We Met at ACME” is a relationships podcast where host Lindsey Metselaar is joined by friends and expert guests. Lindsey also shares stories from her personal experiences each episode. Recently, Betches co-founder Sami Sage talked about working with friends, freezing her eggs, losing her brother, Succession, and getting married to a younger dude. Other recent topics covered gaslighting, trolling, being comfortable with yourself, wedding spending, astrology, and more. Check out over 200 episodes, running an hour on average.


Listen to ‘U Up?’

Betches Media’s “U Up?” is a popular podcast for millennials in the dating world, and this series was Podsauce host Alesha’s pick on a recent episode. “U Up?” is hosted by Betches co-founder Jordana Abraham and comedian Jared Freid, answering listeners’ critical questions about situationships, hooking up, red flags, dealbreakers, and more. They’ll read actual text exchanges between people to figure out what’s going on and share advice.

Higher Learning with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay

Listen to ‘Higher Learning with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay’

Higher Learning with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay” is a hilarious current events podcast hosted by media personality Van and lawyer and former Bachelorette Rachel. Episodes dig into Black culture, sports, and politics, and the hosts are joined by guests to dish on the topics. This series is presented by The Ringer and has released over 170 episodes averaging 90 minutes long.

Goal Digger

Listen to ‘Goal Digger’

Listening to Jenna Kutcher’s “Goal Digger” podcast is like taking a business and marketing workshop. In episodes, hear about social media strategies, stories from millennials that left their 9-5 jobs and created their own businesses, tips on growing a side hustle, and more. Since 2016, “Goal Digger” has released over 550 weekly episodes under an hour long.

The Real Reel

Listen to ‘The Real Reel’

Natalie Barbu shares business tips with professionals, experts, and guests on Podcast Nation’s “The Real Reel.” Since 2019, the entrepreneur, influencer, and YouTuber is looking beyond the curated Instagram highlight reel for raw takes on life. We’ll hear tips on business decisions, starting your own company, social media influencing, making a living, and more. The average episode length is an hour.

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