9 podcasts based on your favorite spooky TV shows

TV & Film October 25, 2021

Happy spook-tober! We’ve selected podcasts based on fan-favorite, horror-themed TV shows. From classics to newer Netflix releases, there are podcasts dedicated to recapping episodes, interviewing actors & directors, and predicting what’s happening later in the season. Some of these podcasts focus on the criminal and supernatural elements revealed in the shows.

On our list, we’ve included podcasts based on Netflix shows like Midnight Mass, Stranger Things, and Black Mirror. For retro takes, listen to podcasts about Twin Peaks and The Twilight Zone. If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead or What We Do In The Shadows, this list has you covered. Check out our full list below this spooky season or anytime of year!

Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkins (A Stranger Things Podcast)

Listen to ‘Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkins (A Stranger Things Podcast)’

Netflix presents “Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkins (A Stranger Things Podcast).” Travel to Hawkins, Indiana in October, 1983 to the world of Stranger Things and an even odder high school experience. Student Robin Buckley knows something is up within the walls of Hawkins High School. This series stars Maya Hawke who plays Robin on the Netflix series and Sean Maher as her teacher, Mr. Hauser. The podcast’s story is based on A.R. Capetta’s novel, Stranger Things: Rebel Robin. The series is written and directed by Lauren Shippen. All six episodes are now available to stream.

Black Mirror Cracked

Listen to ‘Black Mirror Cracked’

“Black Mirror Cracked” discusses favorite show moments and unpacks major themes seen in the Netflix series, Black Mirror. This Reach Podcasts production is filled with spoilers and guest interviews from actors and more. Charlie Brooker, the show’s creator and showrunner, appeared on the podcast in 2019 and confirmed the Black Mirror multiverse theory just as the interactive Bandersnatch was released. A super-interesting episode interviewed Dr. David Kyle Johnson on philosophy, morality, and decisions in relation to Black Mirror‘s characters.

This American Horror Story Podcast

Listen to ‘This American Horror Story Podcast’

“This American Horror Story Podcast” is hosted by TV fans and “faux critics” Tyler Moss and Kris Husted. All about FX’s series American Horror Story, the hosts will unpack episodes taking you from earlier seasons of “Murder House” to “Asylum” to “Freak Show” to New Orleans for “Coven,” a stay at “Hotel,” up through the latest seasons “Double Feature,” and seasons in between. New episodes are posted weekly.

Slate’s Spoiler Specials’ episode on ‘Midnight Mass’

Listen to ‘Slate’s Spoiler Specials’ episode on ‘Midnight Mass’

Mike Flanagan’s Netflix miniseries, Midnight Mass, has been trending this month. The horror show starts when priest Father Paul arrives in a small town and performs miracles while inspiring a community’s renewed interest in religion. At the same time, disgraced former resident Riley Flynn returns home. Mysteries arise and things get dangerous when unidentifiable figures stalk the town and Father Paul realizes he is a vampire. ‘Slate’s Spoiler Specials’ explored the series with Slate senior editor Sam Adams and Slate’s books and culture columnist Laura Miller. It’s loaded with spoilers, so listen at your own risk!

What We Say In The Shadows – A What We Do In the Shadows Fancast

Listen to ‘What We Say In The Shadows – A What We Do In the Shadows Fancast’

FX’s vampircal mocumentary, What We Do In The Shadows, is in its third season, and NEOZAZ.com’s “What We Say In The Shadows” is a fancast all about the series. Each episode, three friends will share three things they learned from the latest episode and analyze the plot and characters, vampires Nandor, Laszlo, Nadja, Colin who have lived for centuries in Staten Island, NY.

Ghostwood: The Twin Peaks Podcast

Listen to ‘Ghostwood: The Twin Peaks Podcast’

Pour some coffee and grab doughnuts while listening to “Ghostwood: The Twin Peaks Podcast,” a show with takes on Twin Peaks and similarly spooky films and TV shows. While you might wonder what really happened to Laura Palmer, hosts Charles Skaggs and Xan Sprouse will journey through the Twin Peaks universe. Episodes explore retrospectives of Twin Peaks actors in other films, and cinematic chef d’oeuvres from David Lynch. Recent episodes explored the horror film Carrie, episodes from HBO’s drama Hotel Room, and 1984’s sci-fi film, Dune.

Biters: The Walking Dead Podcast

Listen to ‘Biters: The Walking Dead Podcast’

Southgate Media Group presents “Biters: The Walking Dead Podcast,” the unofficial fancast for AMC’s apocalyptic zombie drama, The Walking Dead. Dianne and Brian host episodes filled with predictions, recaps, and recommendations for further horror content streaming. Now in its final season, The Walking Dead will conclude (until further notice lol) in 2022.

The Twilight Zone Podcast

Listen to ‘The Twilight Zone Podcast’

“The Twilight Zone” combined sci-fi, horror, darkness, comedy, and more when it originally aired in 1959 and rebooted in 2019. In this podcast, host Tom Elliot revisits Rod Sterling’s series to review episodes, share behind-the-scenes facts, and interviews from the TV series’ cast and crew.

A Twin Peaks Podcast: A Podcast About Twin Peaks

Listen to ‘A Twin Peaks Podcast: A Podcast About Twin Peaks’

It’s happening again — another Twin Peaks podcast for ya! But this one by Entertainment Weekly is solely focused on the series and 2017 reboot and features interviews with cast members. Jeff Jensen and Darren Franich host the series and will speak with actors Kyle MacLachlan (Agent Cooper), Laura Dern (Denise), Robert Forster (Sheriff Frank Truman), and more. Its 30+ episodes are now available to stream.

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