Brooklyn, billionaires, and Hunter Biden: 5 news podcast episodes from this week’s headlines

News April 14, 2022

Keep up with the latest headlines with these podcast episodes. This week, a subway car shooting in Brooklyn has shaken not just the city, but the whole country. As people began to be pushed to return to the workplace, calls for a reevaluation of public safety are hopefully being heard loud and clear. Also, the 26 million residents of Shanghai have been in lockdown for weeks to curb a COVID-19 outbreak, but shortages and strict protocol have them speaking out against the government.

Plus, more news from Russia’s war on Ukraine involving their important symbolic and military warship, and “Today, Explained” clarifies just what people are so up in arms about when it comes to Hunter Biden. All of this and more on these 5 news podcast episode from their week’s headlines.

The Journal

The Journal

Listen to ‘Why Workers Can’t Get Enough Hours, Even in a Jobs Boom’

We’ve all heard of “The Great Resignation.” Some love it, some hate it, and as this episode of “The Journal” tells us, many are doing it because they simply have to. Wall Street Journal’s Te-Ping Chen speaks with some of the 47 million people who left their jobs in 2021 and finds that they’re leaving simply because they aren’t being given enough hours. She explains what’s happening in this episode.

WSJ What's News

WSJ What’s News

Listen to ‘NYC Subway Attack Reverberates during Return-to-Work Push’

During the Tuesday, April 12 morning commute in a subway car in Brooklyn, a man now identified as Frank James put on a gas mask, set off two smoke grenades and open fired. 10 people were injured directly from gun shots and more were injured from the scramble to escape the station.

On this April 13th episode of “WSJ What’s News,” Peter Grant and Annmarie Fertoli discuss how this shooting has reverberated across America. With climbing crime rates sparked by the pandemic, this shooting has now prompted a wider conversation about public safety as the public returns, or is pushed to return, to work.

Today, Explained

Today, Explained

Listen to ‘Let’s talk about Hunter Biden’

For many, Hunter Biden has become a buzzword that both Republicans and Democrats use to draw attention away from questionable/nefarious acts within their ranks. But, what really is up with Hunter Biden? Despite being a private citizen, his actions do pose controversy for his President of a father. Andrew Prokop dives into laptop-gate and Hunter’s overseas business dealings in this episode of “Today, Explained.”

Front Burner

Listen to ‘Life under lockdown in Shanghai’

For weeks now, Shanghai’s 26 million residents have been under a strict lockdown to curb a COVID-19 outbreak in the city. Now, food, water, medicine, and other essentials are running low and residents’ tempers are running high. Parents are being separated from sick children, and there are reports of unsanitary conditions in quarantine facilities.

Reuters reporter Engen Tham, who lives in the city, speaks about what’s going on in Shanghai, the rare public displays of contempt towards the Chinese government, and where things go from here on “Front Burner.”

BBC Global News Podcast

Global News Podcast

Listen to ‘Russia says its Black Sea flagship is afloat after Ukraine claims missile strike’

In the ongoing war Russia has waged against Ukraine, the Russian ship Moskva was damaged by what the Ukrainians say were missiles and the Russians say was a fire. The warship was leading Russia’s naval assault on the country and is now seriously damaged.

Also in this “Global News Podcast” episode, tech billionaire and Twitter-frequenter Elon Musk purchased a 9.2% stake in Twitter just weeks ago and is now offering to buy the platform in its entirety. Also, the UK says it plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda.

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