Masks, Mariupol, and Musk: 5 news podcast episodes from this week’s headlines

News April 21, 2022

This week in the news, Netflix’s stocks plummeted after a poor first quarter and Elon Musk is still trying to buy Twitter, but he may not have the private equity backing to do so. Also, war still rages on in Ukraine which you can hear about in recent episodes of the BBC’s “Global News Podcast,” and Earth Day is tomorrow, so “Connect the Dots” digs in to the psychological effects of climate change.

Plus, you may have heard that the mask mandate for public transportation has been struck down by a Florida judge. Hear about all of these headlines and more with these five news podcast episodes.

FT News Briefing

Listen to ‘Who will back Elon Musk?’

Yes, we’re still talking about Elon Musk trying to buy Twitter. On this episode of “FT News Briefing,” hear why he may not be able to take Twitter private because of a lack of interest from other private equity groups.

Also, Netflix stocks took a tumble this week after its first quarter earnings report came out (hint, they’re losing subscribers). Plus, journalist Neri Zilber looks at how Israel is handling a new influx of immigrants who have left their countries because of the war in Ukraine.

Start Here

Listen to ‘New Mask Policies? Help Yourself’

As you may have heard, a Florida judge’s ruling on Tuesday struck down the mask mandate on public transit. Even 35,000 feet in the air, pilots announced that passengers could take off their masks if they wished. While the mask mandate would have probably ended in two weeks anyway, “Start Here” is looking at the judge who struck down this ruling, what public health experts are saying, and why disability advocates fear they are being left out to dry.

Plus, Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard sees him testify, and catastrophic floods hit South Africa.

WSJ What's News

WSJ What’s News

Listen to ‘Netflix Shares Tumble After Disappointing Quarter’

Netflix just had their worst trading day since 2004 when it’s stock price dropped 35% this Wednesday. The media giant reported a loss in subscribers in this first quarter. This is perhaps due to the flood of people who joined during quarantine and are now no longer in lockdown, or perhaps because the company upped its subscription fee and is suggesting it will try implementing ads on a lower priced version of the platform.

On this episode of “WSJ What’s News,” host Annmarie Fertoli is joined by media reporter Joe Flint to see what this means for Netflix’s future.

Connect the Dots

Listen to ‘This is your brain on climate change’

With Earth Day tomorrow, Audacy’s “Connect the Dots” is investigating the psychology behind climate change inaction with psychologist and environmental scholar Susan Clayton and oceans campaigner Kate Melges. Hear from Clayton about how the climate affects our mental health, from the obvious like increasingly catastrophic weather events causing upticks in anxiety, depression, and PTSD cases, to the less obvious like the correlation between high temperatures and increased suicide rates/psychiatric hospitalizations.

BBC Global News Podcast

Global News Podcast

Listen to ‘Putin claims victory over Mariupol’

Putin’s war in Ukraine wages on with the Ukrainian city of Mariupol being the latest to fall. Listen to this episode of the BBC’s “Global News Podcast” to hear news on the war, the clashes between Israelis and Palestinians at the al-Aqsa Mosque, and what’s new with Manchester United.

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