Boris, Biden, and the central bank: 5 podcast episodes from this week’s headlines

News January 27, 2022

We’ve rounded up 5 news podcast episodes from the headlines. This week, tensions have escalated even further between Russia and Ukraine, with the United States taking a firm stance against Russia by sending weapons to Ukraine. Also, the news isn’t looking good for Boris Johnson as the Sue Gray report and British police inch closer to finding out more about the parties at Downing Street.

Also, “Today, Explained” is looking at Biden’s blunders from the past year and what he can do to win back support. Plus, Pfizer has begun testing a new vaccine specifically targeting the Omicron variant.

Tune into our round-up to get up-to-speed with this week’s news.

Today, Explained

Today, Explained

Listen to ‘Joe Biden, r u ok?’

In alphabetical order, host Sean Rameswaram and author of The Slow Boring Newsletter Matthew Yglesias talk about why President Biden seems to be on a slippery slope, especially in recent months. So, the two recount Biden’s blunders from his first year in office. From Afghanistan to Build Back Better to COVID-19, etc., check out this episode of “Today, Explained.”

What A Day

Listen to ‘All Eyes On Ukraine with Ben Rhodes’

“What A Day” is sitting down with the Obama Administration’s former deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes to talk about the escalating tensions in Eastern Europe. As Russia conducted military drills on Tuesday, the United States sent Ukraine a shipment of weapons including anti-tank missiles. “What A Day” talks about how we got here and what’s next. Also in the news, Pfizer is testing a new vaccine targeting the Omicron variant, British police opened an inquiry into parties held at 10 Downing Street during COVID lockdowns, and Neil Young wants his discography off of Spotify if the company doesn’t drop Joe Rogan.

WSJ What’s News

Listen to ‘All Eyes on Jerome Powell’

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell briefed the press on the central bank’s rate-hike plans on Wednesday. Host Luke Vargas talks with The Wall Street Journal’s Greg Ip to preview that announcement and discusses the global economy ahead of this week’s U.S. GDP reading.

Stories of our times

Listen to ‘The challengers vying to replace Boris Johnson’

As British Prime Minister Boris Johnson inches closer to a vote of no confidence as the Sue Gray report is imminent (via the parties at Downing Street), “Stories of out times” is introducing us to the people vying for his seat. In fact, secret campaigning has already begun. So, who are these competitors? Will Johnson step down, and what would it take for him to do that?

Up First

Listen to ‘Wednesday, January 26, 2022’

Tensions are rising on the border of Ukraine and people seem to be preparing for war. Just look at the earlier episodes we linked to in this article! Still, a former Ukrainian official says he doesn’t think a Russian invasion is imminent. Plus, why is the FDA restricting some COVID treatments that have proven to help in severe cases? Also, a new algorithm can determine early release for prison inmates, but there are problems with machine bias. All this and more in this episode of NPR’s “Up First.”

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