A ‘fall-cano’ of news: 6 podcast episodes from this week’s headlines

News September 23, 2021

Whew, what an eventful week! Catch up on the news with some podcast episodes chronicling this week’s top stories.

This week, President Biden addressed the United Nations General Assembly. The nuclear-powered submarine deal with the US, UK, and Australia left France feeling betrayed. Haitian migrants are at Texas’ border, hoping for entry to the US. NFL football is in its second week. How will the Delta variant impact the world’s economy? Any updates on Gabby Petito’s disappearance? Hear more about these stories with Podsauce’s selections below:

Going West: True Crime Podcast: Gabby Petito

Listen to Gabby Petito: Part 3 on ‘Going West: True Crime Podcast’

We’re turning in to “Going West: True Crime Podcast” for updates on Gabby Petito’s disappearance. Over the summer, Gabby and her fiancé Brian headed west on a cross-country road trip, and Brian returned alone. Now, Brian is missing and he is still a person of interest. The podcast recaps what has happened leading up the discovery of Gabby’s body. Hosts Daphne and Heath unpack and debate theories, statements, and facts about the case. They also explore findings from the internet’s armchair true crime detectives, as this story has gripped the nation and people are eager to help.

The Daily podcast art

The Daily: Submarines and Shifting Allegiances

Listen to ‘Submarines and Shifting Allegiances’ on ‘The Daily’

Tune in to this episode of The New York Times’ “The Daily” to learn more about the headline-making submarine deal. This week, America and the United Kingdom struck a deal to supply Australia with nuclear-powered submarines. France was excluded from this defense partnership, and they’re not happy about it. As a result, France sees this as a betrayal and recalled its ambassadors to the United States. Alliances are being re-evaluated. Sacré bleu! This partnership is significant since now, America, the UK, and Australia can go head-to-head with China.

The NPR Politics Podcast: Amid Many Global Crises Biden Calls For Togetherness In First U.N. Address

Listen to ‘Amid Many Global Crises Biden Calls For Togetherness In First U.N. Address’ on ‘The NPR Politics Podcast’

President Biden addressed the United Nations General Assembly this week. President Biden underscored how the world must operate as a unified front against Covid and climate change. On this episode of “The NPR Politics Podcast,” listeners will hear clips from President Biden’s speech. Analysis is provided by White House correspondents Asma Khalid and Ayesha Rascoe, and national political correspondent Mara Liasson.

Pod Save America podcast art

Pod Save America: Joe vs. the Fall-Cano

Listen to ‘Joe vs. the Fall-Cano’ on ‘Pod Save America’

President Biden is tackling one crisis at a time. This episode explores the “Fall-Cano” of issues all at once, explaining how Haitian immigrants are waiting at Texas’ border, the FDA’s response to vaccine booster shots, and President Biden’s economic plan. The update-filled conversation is followed by an interview with The Wall Street Journal‘s Jeff Horowitz on the Facebook deep-dive investigation he and his team are leading. On this episode, Jeff speaks about his research regarding internal memos exposing Facebook’s fatal flaws and problematic algorithms. Jeff dives into the dark side of social media and the harm it can cause.

What’s News: Delta Variant Set to Slow but not Derail Global Economy

Listen to ‘Delta Variant Set to Slow but not Derail Global Economy’ on What’s News

In this episode of “What’s News,” WSJ‘s Paul Hannon reports on government funding, updates from the Federal Reserve’s regular 2-day meeting, and what impact the Delta Variant will have on the global economy. Listeners will also hear about Amazon’s brick-and-mortar stores, and its plans to allow customers to try on clothing in high-tech dressing rooms.

ESPN Daily: NFL Week 2: Monday QB with Alex Smith

Listen to ‘NFL Week 2: Monday QB with Alex Smith’ on ‘ESPN Daily’

Football kicked off two weeks ago, and “ESPN Daily” recapped Sunday’s game in an episode hosted by veteran NFL quarterback, Alex Smith. Alex reviewed gameplays, injury reports, and Baltimore’s win against the Chiefs.

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