Texas, Theranos, the Taliban, and more: 5 podcast episodes about this week’s top stories

News September 9, 2021

Another eventful week from the headlines! Whew! We’ve rounded up 5 must-hear podcast episodes on the latest news. In this week’s top stories, we learn updates on Biden’s strategy for fighting the Delta variant, what’s happening at Theranos’ trial, and Texas’ abortion ban.

Football season just kicked off, so the “Ultimate Season Preview 2021” will fill you in on all things NFL. On this week’s list, we’ve included a podcast speculating on the Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistan. The trial for 2015’s terrorist attacks is underway in Paris, and BBC’s “Global News Podcast” has updates for you.

Up First

Listen to ‘Up First’

NPR’s “Up First” covers a bunch of topics per episode. This one shares COVID-19 and Delta variant updates. President Biden is set to announce a new, 6-part strategy for fighting the Delta variant, and this episode explores the hurdles the government still has to overcome. We’ll learn how the e-cigarette industry is about to change due to the Food and Drug Administration’s new regulations.

Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos’ trial are in full swing, and we’re tuning in for updates. As detailed in “The Dropout” podcast, the biotech company is on trial for fraud. Witnesses, patients, Elizabeth, and more will take the stand over what should be around a 3-month trial, and the jury will deliberate. If convicted, Elizabeth will face up to 20 years in jail.


Listen to ‘Pivot’

New York Magazine presents hosts Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway in the weekly podcast, “Pivot.” George Hahn co-hosted a recent episode to discuss Texas’ abortion ban. Listeners will hear also hear about Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s reaction to January 6th’s riot, and his announcement to tech corporations. The hosts will dig into several anti-mask and anti-vaxxer viral videos. Kara and George discuss Joe Rogan’s recent COVID diagnosis. And George attempts to figure out why he keeps getting the ax from TikTok.

Ultimate Season Preview 2021

Listen to ‘Ultimate Season Preview 2021’

We’re excited about football season! Audacy partners with The Locked On Podcast Network to present “Ultimate Season Preview 2021 – NFL Edition” with updates on all 32 NFL teams. Hosts and Audacy insiders Jason La Canfora and Ross Tucker invite Locked On’s local experts to discuss NFL lineups, predictions for the season, and more. In this season, over 35 guests are scheduled to share their insight

Also, if you’re into sports, you might want to check out Podsauce’s exclusive with former ESPN host Trey Wingo. He spoke about one his favorite all-time interviews with Ryan Leaf. It’s an eye-opening listen!

The Daily podcast art

The Daily

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This episode of “The Daily” investigates big questions regarding the Taliban’s takeover in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital. In the 1990s, Afghanistan experienced harsh rules, public executions, and restrictive regulations for women. Now that the Taliban is in power and the US has withdrawn its troops, the country’s fate is uncertain.

Global News Podcast

Listen to ‘Global News Podcast’

In November 2015, terrorist attacks killed 130 people in France. 20 suspects have been identified and now stand trial in Paris. The shootings and bombings were the work of Islamic State extremists. The trial is said to last nine months.

In this episode, we’ll also hear about Afghan women protesting the Taliban and how Lebanon’s energy crisis is seeking relief. Listeners will learn about Kenya’s imposed curfew to try to end violence.

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