7 podcasts explaining what’s on the ballot this Election Day

Government November 2, 2021

While it may be an off-year for most politicians, races are still being run and voters are still turning up to the polls. With mayoral and gubernatorial seats up for grabs in this 2021 election, we’ve gathered some podcasts that are talking about what’s at stake this election.

Virginia has a contentious race for governor and the mayoral race in Buffalo, New York is making history. See what these elections, as well as others around the country, mean for the 2022 midterms and beyond. Here’s 7 podcasts about this year’s Election Day.

5 Things

Listen to ‘Election Day In America’

USA Today’s and Wondery’s “5 Things” is covering Virginia, New Jersey, and beyond this election day. Also on the docket, Minneapolis is taking the police force off of the city’s charter and replacing it with a Department of Public Safety, removing the mayor’s exclusive control over the police. “5 Things” is also breaking down the Supreme Court’s early comments on the Texas abortion ban and COVID-19 vaccines in kids ages 5-11.

The Intelligence from The Economist

Listen to ‘The Floyd factor: American police reform’

To help us better understand what sort of police reform is on the ballot this year, “The Intelligence from The Economist” is explaining the overhaul the city of Minneapolis might take after George Floyd’s murder last year. They examine the debate over police reform in America and much more in this episode.

What A Day

Listen to ‘The Stakes of Election Day 2021’

For a comprehensive look at what’s on the ballot across the nation, “What A Day” is giving us an overview of the stakes this Tuesday. No only is it another look at Virginia and New Jersey’s gubernatorial races, but also the mayoral contests in Cleveland, Buffalo, Atlanta, and Boston. It’s all ballot measures, city councils, and so much more with this Crooked Media podcast.

The NPR Politics Podcast

The NPR Politics Podcast

Listen to ‘You Should Pay Attention to the Virginia’s Governor’s Race’

Back to Virginia:  Incumbent Democratic Governor Ralph Northam is ineligible to run for reelection, so Democrats nominated former Governor Terry McAuliffe to run against Republican Glenn Youngkin. This election is the first test of how people are feeling about the Biden administration and gives us a forecast as to what the midterms could look like in 2022.

The Brian Lehrer Show

Listen to ‘In Mostly Blue NYC, What Makes You Vote?’

From WNYC Studios, Brian Lehrer is listening to callers explain why they still voted even in races that weren’t competitive in their districts. After all, it’s our constitutional right. You can also listen to another episode of “The Brian Lehrer Show” from today simply titled “Election Day!” to hear Brigid Bergin, WNYC’s senior political correspondent, and Nancy Solomon, WNYC reporter and editor and host of the “Ask Governor Murphy,” answer some last minute questions.

What Next?

Listen to ‘A Rust-Belt City Might Elect a Socialist’

Democrat India Walton is on track to become the first socialist mayor in Buffalo’s history, and the first nationwide in more than fifty years. Current mayor, Byron Brown, refuses to bow out, and is waging a well-funded write-in campaign in the hopes of keeping the office. How has the self-styled Walton gotten so far into this race, and why are some Democrats standing in her way?

FiveThirtyEight Politics

Listen to ‘Election Day 2021: Virginia And Beyond’

Oh, we aren’t done with Virginia just yet. “FiveThirtyEight Politics” is looking at the issues shaping the races in Virginia and New Jersey, as well as other races and ballot measures across the nation. Also, they’re wondering if asking Americans what’s their favorite decade they’ve lived through is a good use of polling.

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