Loved ‘The Dropout?’ 13 bingeable podcasts for true crime fans of scams, corruption, and widespread deceit

True Crime December 2, 2022

The Dropout” chronicled Elizabeth Holmes‘ infamous saga and Theranos’ downfall. Once touting Theranos’ revolutionary technology that could test blood from a single drop, the former CEO and founder was sentenced to 11+ years in prison for fraud. Holmes’ business partner and former Theranos president, Sunny Balwani, received charges in a separate case.

If you love hearing about scams, bad business practices, corruption, and deceit, check out our list of bingeable podcasts. You’ll hear some of the biggest business dramas, notorious scam artists’ stories, more true crimes, and shady tales.



Listen to ‘WeCrashed’

WeWork’s founders believed they were making history with their company’s supposed valuation at $47 billion dollars and on track for a gigantic IPO. In Wondery’s “WeCrashed,” host David Brown tells the “unicorn” brand’s story led by the uber charismatic CEO, Adam Neumann, his wife Rebekah, their hopes, visions, the reality of the situation, and more. There are companion episodes for AppleTV+’s series based on the podcast.

Bad Bets

Bad Bets

Listen to ‘Bad Bets’

The Wall Street Journal’s “Bad Bets” unpacks business dramas each season. The first season covered the energy company Enron, and what happened after the CEO Jeffrey Skilling resigned 6 months after taking over the company. Season 2 explores Nikola’s founder Trevor Milton with host Ben Foldy. Nikola hoped for a world with zero-emission trucks before he was stopped by whistleblowers and other groups.

The Sure Thing

The Sure Thing

Listen to ‘The Sure Thing

Two college friends thought they had bagged the perfect crime. With their undying greed, the friends wound up sinking their own ship. In Financial Review’s “The Sure Thing,” host Angus Gregg examines Australia’s largest insider trading scam in 6 podcast episodes.

American Scandal

Listen to ‘American Scandal’

Wondery’s “American Scandal” has recounted some of the most epic business fails, deception, corruption, and bad business practices in 44 seasons. Tune in for stories like the DuPont Chemical Cover-Up, Patty Hearst’s kidnapping, Watergate, and many more scandals from the worlds of business, politics, sports, and society. This series is hosted by Lindsay Graham.

Liar, Liar

Liar, Liar: Melissa Caddick and the Missing Millions

Listen to ‘Liar, Liar: Melissa Caddick and the Missing Millions’

Melissa Caddick’s home was raided by the Australian Federal Police in November 2020, as she allegedly stole over $30 million from her clients. While posing as a financial advisor, her victims were mostly friends and family. Suddenly, Caddick vanished. In “Liar, Liar: Melissa Caddick and the Missing Millions,” Sydney Morning Herald journalist Kate McClymont and 60 Minutes journalist Tom Steinfort investigated the story, what happened when Melissa’s foot washed ashore in 2021, and why it is not adequate proof of death.

Persona: The French Deception image

Persona: The French Deception

Listen to ‘Persona: The French Deception’

In Wondery and Pineapple Street Studios’ “Persona: The French Deception,” journalist Evan Ratliff investigates the notorious con artist, Gilbert Chikli. Chikli conned individuals and companies out of millions of dollars with bold schemes such as impersonating the French Minister of Defense, targeting foreign governments, and zeroing in on wealthy French speakers. Hear all about Chikli’s exploits and how he avoided arrest in 8 episodes and a bonus interview with the series “Scamfluencers.”

Fake Heiress

Fake Heiress

Listen to ‘Fake Heiress’

Anna Sorokin was a “Fake Heiress” who swindled New York’s elite, conned banks, and claimed she was a multi-millionaire. In this BBC Radio 4 series, Vicky Baker and Chloe Moss dove into Anna’s con artistry in 6 episodes.

The Missing Cryptoqueen

The Missing Cryptoqueen

Listen to ‘The Missing Cryptoqueen’

BBC Radio 5 live presents “The Missing Cryptoqueen,” following Dr. Ruja Ignatova’s story, “financial revolution,” cryptocurrency scheme, her disappearance, and billions of missing dollars. Host Jamie Bartlett examines a story filled with deception, greed, and “herd madness.”

Unravel True Crime

Unravel True Crime

Listen to ‘Unravel True Crime’

“Unravel True Crime’s” 4th season is filled with deception. When Ollie Wards’ brother Greg marries an American named Lezlie in New Zealand, they strike up a business partnership. They start their new life but problems arise a few months in, leaving Greg alone, heartbroken, and intent on unraveling a mystery that Lezlie took with her. This season investigates their story and is presented by ABC.

Scamfluencers podcast art


Listen to ‘Scamfluencers’

In Wondery’s “Scamfluencers,” hosts Scaachi Koul and Sarah Hagi are diving into worlds of deceit from fashion, finance, health, wellness, and social media. From influencers to alleged healers, financial insiders, and dating experts, the series examines how culture stokes scams’ flames. Tune in to hear about a Hollywood Ponzi Schemer, a fake social media influencer, an “Intercontinental Con Man,” and much more in 4 seasons.

Exit Scam

Exit Scam

Listen to ‘Exit Scam’

Gerald Cotten was the founder of Canada’s largest Bitcoin exchange. In 2018, he strangely died during his honeymoon trip to India. But people are skeptical he actually died. Gerald’s clients learned that the $215 million they deposited was lost since he was the only person who knew the passwords. Treats Media’s “Exit Scam” investigates Gerald’s story to trace his past and see if he faked his death.

Who the Hell is Hamish? podcast art

Who the Hell is Hamish?

Listen to ‘Who the Hell is Hamish?’

Hamish Watson was a career con artist who easily shifted identities to swindle his victims. In 2019, Watson received a jail sentencing for conning victims out of $7 million+, just some of the many crimes he committed in Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, Britain, and the US. The Australian’s “Who the Hell is Hamish?” digs into Watson’s story, learns how he avoided law enforcement, what he used the money for, and more.

Ponzi Supernova

Ponzi Supernova

Listen to ‘Ponzi Supernova’

Audible’s “Ponzi Supernova” chronicled Bernie Madoff’s $65 billion dollar Ponzi scheme, his sentencing, and an unsolved mystery. Join journalist Steve Fishman’s investigation into how Madoff got away with his con for so long, who helped Madoff along the way, and why. This series shares conversations with Madoff in prison, interviews with victims, and insight from law enforcement.

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