7 podcasts like ‘You’re Wrong About’ that fill you in on lesser-known facts and stories you should really hear about

Education June 7, 2022

There’s nothing wrong with being wrong. Luckily, the hit podcast “You’re Wrong About” has been letting us know where we all got it wrong. Despite only being around since 2018, it’s hard to picture a podcasting world without “You’re Wrong About.” Host Sarah Marshall is setting the record straight and dominating the podcast charts with every new episode released.

While there’s truly nothing exactly like “You’re Wrong About,” there are a few podcasts that we think you may like if you’re a fan of this popular series. These podcasts are looking at some of the most influential people and cultural moments that have shaped society, even though things didn’t exactly go the way they’re told to us.

If you’re looking to fill out your listening queue with more podcasts like “You’re Wrong About,” check out this list below.

Just The Gist

Listen to ‘Just The Gist’

When it comes to podcasts like “You’re Wrong About,” “Just the Gist” fits right in. Jacob Stanley and comedian Rosie Waterland have the same great banter and cover famous scandals, misunderstood celebrities, and wacky conspiracy theories. If you’re looking for the juiciest drama without the boring bits, “Just The Gist” delivers.

Decoder Ring

Listen to ‘Decoder Ring’

Decoder Ring” is next on our list. Host Willa Paskin is all about cracking those cultural mysteries, examining its history, and figuring out why it matters. She’s looking at everything from the fad of storytellers, the Sideways Effect (yes, like the little low-budget comedy Sideways) on the wine industry, the worst video game in the world, Custer’s Revenge, the philosophy behind vampires (from Dracula to the Cullens), and so much more.

What Really Happened?

Listen to ‘What Really Happened?’

While unfortunately “What Really Happened?” seems to have ended, it’s left behind an incredible archive of episodes. On this podcast, award-winning documentarian Andrew Jenks would unravel recent scandals that had made the headlines, identifying key players and giving us the most glaringly overlooked aspects that paint the whole picture.

He looked into stories like Kendall Jenner’s tasteless Pepsi ad from 2017, Princess Diana’s controversial life and death, the 27 Club, and even dove farther back in history to investigate subjects like why King John II of France is left out of history.

More or Less: Behind the Statistics

Listen to ‘More or Less: Behind the Statistics’

Tim Harford and the “More or Less: Behind the Statistics” team have been making sense of the numbers around us. This podcast is looking behind the statistics we’re given to see if we can better explain our current situation. He’s looking in COVID sickness and death tolls, ocean acidity, the effect of tea on the Industrial Revolution, and so much more in the BBC Radio 4 podcast.

Our Fake History

Listen to ‘Our Fake History’

Our Fake History” is perfect for fans who want “You’re Wrong About” episodes about not-so-recent history. In this podcast, hear about the myths that wormed their way into the history books and the actual history we left out of them.

American Hysteria

Listen to ‘American Hysteria’

If you’re all about the conspiracy theories on “You’re Wrong About,” then “American Hysteria” is calling your name. Host Chelsey Weber-Smith delivers the strangest stories littered throughout American history, from moral panics to urban legends that have shaped society as we know it.

Behind the Bastards

Listen to ‘Behind the Bastards’

Many “You’re Wrong About” listeners are no stranger to “Behind the Bastards.” In this podcast, author/journalist Robert Evans tells us about the people in history who kind of sucked. He’s telling us about the bizarre realities these people lived in, from Henry Kissinger to John Audubon, and the awful things they did.

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