Now percolating for International Coffee Day: 8 podcasts that pair well with coffee

round up September 29, 2022

We think these podcasts will complement your favorite Cup of Joe this International Coffee Day on 10/1. We’ve brewed a list spanning several genres from history to interview podcasts and more. On our list, tune in for some of history’s most impactful speeches, lively discussions, coffee klatches, and eclectic portraits of the human experience that might give listeners a java jolt.

There’s a unique podcast that blends storytelling and beats for a cinematic listening experience every episode. For interviews and news stories, check out a new podcast hosted by Stephen A. Smith. We’ve also included a podcast to learn more about coffee – from its history to different roasts, engineering a better brew, and how it’s harvested, an educational podcast has you covered.

It Was Said

It Was Said

Listen to ‘It Was Said’

C13Originals’ “It Was Said” is back for a new season to share some of history’s most powerful speeches. Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and #1 New York Times bestselling author Jon Meacham is joined by guests like Princeton scholar and “History is US” host Dr. Eddie S. Glaude to reenact speeches, share insight, and more.

This season will include Winston Churchill’s “The Finest Hour,” JFK’s “We Choose to go to the Moon,” Theodore Roosevelt’s “Man in the Arena,” Margaret Thatcher’s “The Lady’s Not for Turning,” Nelson Mandela’s “I Am Prepared to Die,” Frederick Douglass’ “What to the Slave is the 4th of July?” and Eleanor Roosevelt’s “On the Adoption of the Declaration of Human Rights” – just to name a few.  

This is Love

This is Love

Listen to ‘This is Love’

Vox Media Podcast Network’s “This is Love” embraces the various shapes and sizes love can embody. Hosted by Phoebe Judge, you’ll hear heartwarming (and sometimes tear-jerking) stories about kindness, friendships, breakups, parenting, life partnerships, and more. If you’re a true crime podcast listener, you might be familiar with Phoebe’s other podcast, “Criminal.”

Snap Judgment image

Snap Judgment

Listen to ‘Snap Judgment’

“Snap Judgment” blends storytelling with beats for dramatic standalone episodes running less than an hour on average. The podcast is hosted by Glynn Washington and features guests like Peter Hammarstedt, Rasha Elass, and more.

Know Mercy with Stephen A. Smith

Know Mercy with Stephen A. Smith

Listen to ‘Know Mercy with Stephen A. Smith’

Stephen A. Smith goes beyond the sports world in his new interview series from Cadence13. On episodes, Smith dives into daily news and top stories from entertainment, politics, society, and business. His roster of guests will include Snoop Dogg, Sean Hannity, LL COOL J, Chris Cuomo, and Sue Bird. Tune in semiweekly for new episodes.

Coffee Convos with Kail Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley

Listen to ‘Coffee Convos with Kail Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley’

Teen Mom star Kail Lowry and Chrisley Knows Best‘s Lindsie Chrisley host this series. The reality stars have bonded over their similar experiences and chat about friendship, television, motherhood, family, and life in the spotlight. For updates on their lives, tips for moms, and lively conversations, tune into PodcastOne’s “Coffee Convos with Kail Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley.”


Listen to ‘Invisibilia’

“Invisibilia” is the Latin word for “invisible things.” In this NPR series, hear stories about human behavior, and how various forces generate ideas, assumptions, beliefs, and more. All episodes mix science with storytelling, and this season centers on control: what we can control, what we can’t, how we cope, invisible methods of control, what we use to think we’re in control, and more. Last season focused on friendships, and season 6 examined how inventors got crafty in difficult times.

Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain

Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain

Listen to ‘Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain’

Emma Chamberlain takes the mic and shares what’s on her mind from the comfort of her bed in weekly episodes. Tune in for personal stories, life tips, philosophical musings, real takes, and more. “Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain” is presented by Ramble.

Love and Radio podcast art

Love and Radio

Listen to ‘Love and Radio’

On “Love and Radio,” Nick van der Kolk sheds light on a vast assortment of human experiences. Guests join each episode to share their deepest secrets, unique lifestyles, puzzling mysteries, funny events, and much more.

Coffee 101

Listen to ‘Coffee 101’

Host Kenneth Thomas is answering your caffeinated questions on “Coffee 101.” Season 1 covered coffee’s history and its lifespan from seeds to stores’ shelves to your coffee maker. There are episodes on engineering better cups of coffee, why you should drink decaf, how soil impacts coffee, the science of roasting, and more. If you’re interested in the business side of coffee, check out episodes on harvesting, importing, and exporting.

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