5 podcasts to broaden your mind over Labor Day weekend

round up September 1, 2021

Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone! We love educational podcasts! If you’re off from work this weekend, have time for podcasts, or just want to feed your brain with quality content, we’ve got the ultimate picks for you. On this fine list, we’ve included a motivational mental health podcast and a show filled with thought-inspiring ideas in its wide-ranging list of episodes. Our round-up also includes a self-improvement show and history podcasts.

Feel free to check out these 5 podcasts. Perhaps you’ll be inspired, learn something new, or even find the latest topic of interest to jumpstart your next rabbit hole research dive!

The Mindset Mentor

Listen to ‘The Mindset Mentor’

Rob Dial and Kast Media want to motivate you with the podcast “The Mindset Mentor.” In the semiweekly episodes, host Rob will share tools for your life to better understand your brain and behavior. Rob’s tips include finding direction, focus, and drive. In his work, Rob combines cognitive behavioral therapy, psychology, neurology, neurobiology, and early childhood development. He hopes his self-help episodes will enable you to create a path for yourself to make changes in your life and thrive. On his site, he said, “When you master your mindset, you master your life.” Rob references the work he has studied for over 15 years, infusing ideas from Dr. Andrew Huberman, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Jay Shetty, Ram Dass, and Tony Robbins, to name just a few.

It Was Said podcast art

It Was Said

Listen to ‘It Was Said’

Audacy’s C13Originals presents the history series, “It Was Said,” looking back at some of the most influential and memorable speeches of all time. Host Jon Meacham’s outstanding resume includes a Pulitzer Prize, writing, journalism, and his work as a historian. The first season consists of 10 episodes. We’ll hear about Martin Luther King Jr.’s last speech, Robert F. Kennedy’s eulogy for MLK, and President Obama’s Sermon in Charleston after a massacre at a church. Listeners will hear John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address, Megan McCain’s eulogy for her father, John McCain, Ronald Regan’s farewell address, Hillary Clinton’s speech about women’s rights in Beijing, and more. Jon is joined by special guests, such as authors, historians, and journalists throughout the episodes to unpack the history and context behind the speeches.

Good Life Project

Listen to ‘Good Life Project’

Wondery’s self-help podcast, “Good Life Project,” shares self-improvement tips with host Jonathan Fields to help you craft and improve your best life. This show tackles timeless questions about happiness, purpose, work, love, and identity. Jonathan is happy to speak with guests to weigh in with wisdom from their respective fields of expertise. Past guests have included Brené Brown, Austin Channing Brown, Bishop Michael Curry, Glennon Doyle, Julián Castro, and Matthew McConaughey, among many other diverse guests. Recent episodes explored how to reclaim work and feel better, how to stop deluding ourselves, and how to get through anxious times. New episodes are released semi-weekly.

Hope, Through History

Listen to ‘Hope, Through History’

Winston Churchill once stated, “The future is unknowable, but the past should give us hope.” In the podcast, “Hope, Through History,” listeners will hear about examples where this quotation rang true. Hosted by Jon Meacham, the C13Originals series is in its second season. Episodes explore how America overcomes challenges as a country and provides insight on how the country became more unified as a result. This season, listeners will hear about Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt after World War II, the Battle of Gettysburg, the RMS Lusitania’s sinking, the Voting Act of 1965, and AIDS relief. Season one covered the Great Depression, World War II, the Cuban Missile Crisis, 1918’s Flu Pandemic, and the polio epidemic.

TED Talks Daily

Listen to ‘TED Talks Daily’

TED Audio Collective presents the excellently educational show, “TED Talks Daily.” Recent episodes explored the power of connection through music, a future without cars, and insecurities. Why do Western museums still showcase African art? Is there life on Venus? Can we track and end pollution in China? Such questions are explored in “TED Talks Daily.” Episodes range from 7 to 45 minutes in length.

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