Shopping this season? 9 podcasts to help you get the most out of your Black Friday

round up November 25, 2021

The holiday season is upon us! If you’re planning on shopping during the busiest retail days of the year, check out these podcast episodes for tips, steals, and deals. On our list, we’ve included an episode on Black Friday’s history, podcasts from retail gurus on trends, doorbusters, and updates on the supply chain issues America has been experiencing.

Listen in as hosts share gift giving ideas, non-consumer DIY options, and how to maximize profits if you’re an Etsy seller.

Stay safe, everyone! Here’s our list of episodes to stream if you’re prepping for Black Friday:

NerdWallet’s Smart Money Podcast

Listen to ‘Holiday Shopping Trends, and Self-Employed Retirement Options’ on ‘NerdWallet’s Smart Money Podcast’

On this episode, hosts Sean and Liz shared their holiday shopping report and trends they’re seeing. They were joined by personal finance expert Kim Palmer to discuss their game plans, sticking to your budget, and getting organized with holiday shopping lists. Kim answered questions about holiday debt, interest, and shared statistics about holiday debt from last year. Later in the episode, Sean and Liz answered a listener’s question about saving for retirement as a self-employed worker. Have a money question? Listeners can submit questions to Sean and Liz to be answered in an upcoming episode.

The Stacking Benjamins Show

Listen to ‘Our Annual Black Friday Savings Episode’ on ‘The Stacking Benjamins Show’

Every year, “The Stacking Benjamins Show” shares Black Friday savings tips to make your holiday shopping easier! Consumer expert Regina Conway joined hosts Joe Saul-Sehy & OG with updates on where you can score deals this weekend. They discussed supply chain issues and what items could see shortages this season. We’ll also hear from’s Shawna Hausman about changes to Flexible Spending Accounts and recommendations you can take this open enrollment period. This episode is under 90 minutes long.

Stuff You Should Know

Listen to ‘How Black Friday Works’ on ‘Stuff You Should Know’

iHeartRadio’s “Stuff You Should Know” is a weekly podcast sharing episode-specific topics in under an hour with hosts Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant. This episode shares Black Friday’s history, the mad-dash for holiday shopping after Thanksgiving, and how stores decide what sales to offer. It also breaks down statistics on how many people have gotten injured or died in the rush. Hear the history and more in this 46-minute episode.

Millennial Money

Listen to ‘Best Tips for Saving Money on Holiday Shopping in 2021’ on ‘Millennial Money’

Shannah Compton Game’s “Millennial Money” explores money tips with guests. On this episode, shopping expert Trae Bodge shares thoughts on this year’s shopping trends, weighs in on supply chain issues in America, and tools to save money this season. Trae will run-down her go-to sites for deals and has compiled a shopping guide for gifts under $100.

Anything Goes

Listen to ‘holiday shopping’ on ‘Anything Goes’

Influencer and YouTuber Emma Chamberlain shares gifting tips in the “holiday shopping” episode of Ramble’s “Anything Goes.” She’s candid about the holiday season, then gets into gift-giving. Emma explains why she hates it and why it makes her anxious, shares some gift ideas, and why you should avoid giving live animals to others.

Sustainable Minimalists

Listen to ‘Listeners Call in: 20 Non-Consumer Gift Ideas’ on ‘Sustainable Minimalists’

If you’re into DIY gift ideas, check out this episode of Stephanie Seferian’s “Sustainable Minimalists.” Stephanie’s biweekly episodes share advice on how to create “eco-minimalist, non-toxic homes (without the extra work).” This 23-minute episode shares over 20 non-consumer gifts based on listeners’ questions and suggestions.

The Product Boss Podcast

Listen to ‘Gearing Up for Cyber Five’ on ‘The Product Boss Podcast’

Thanksgiving starts the Cyber Five – the five busiest shopping days all year. “The Product Boss Podcast” is a business podcast hosted by Amazon expert/entrepreneur Minna Khounlo-Sithep and designer/business strategist Jacqueline Snyder, sharing tips for entrepreneurs and consumers. Listen in as the hosts share how to make the most of the shopping season on a budget.

Grow Your Etsy Shop

Listen to ‘Black Friday: How to get maximum results’ on ‘Grow Your Etsy Shop’

If you’re a seller on Etsy, there’s an episode geared toward Black Friday sales. Etsy Master Jered Robinson explores how to make your Etsy store more than a side hustle, and how to take advantage of shoppers’ traffic to Etsy after Thanksgiving. On this episode, Jered shares how to stand out, including sales, marketing tips, and banner image announcement suggestions.

Anything Goes

Listen to ‘products that have changed my life’ on ‘Anything Goes’

This is another episode from “Anything Goes,” where Emma Chamberlain shares her favorite things. Posted in September, Emma delves into shopping hacks, products she can’t live without, and gadgets she loves. She recommends a variety of beauty and fashion brands and answers questions on expensive items, what is worth the investment, and products to steer away from. This episode is 80 minutes long.

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