‘BADLANDS,’ ‘Unsolved Mysteries,’ true crime, and more: 10 podcasts with new seasons this spring

round up May 23, 2022

Spring into new seasons of these 10 podcasts. On the second season of “Unsolved Mysteries,” hear about killers, unexplained phenomena, paranormal encounters, and more. The creepily-beloved storytelling series, “Radio Rental,” is back with new episodes, featuring the voice of Rainn Wilson playing an eccentric rental movie shopkeeper.

Jake Brennan‘s “BADLANDS” spotlights Hollywood stars’ questionable behavior (and crimes), and this season, episodes focus on Lindsay Lohan, Robin Williams, and more A-listers.

While Ryan Duke’s trial is in progress, tune in for updates on “Up and Vanished” season 4. Also on our list, check out a fictional series, a culture podcast, and a docuseries about relationships. There’s a new season of a podcast focusing on Phish’s legendary MSG shows. Scroll through to check out our picks for new podcast seasons dropping this spring.

Unsolved Mysteries podcast art

Unsolved Mysteries

Listen to ‘Unsolved Mysteries’

Unsolved Mysteries” is based on the TV show, and the podcast’s second season started this May. The first episode covered Chelsea Small’s murder from 2013. Was Chelsea, a worker at Advance America Cash Advance, targeted? Tune in to hear about killers, unexplained deaths, paranormal encounters, and more mysteries all season, hosted by Steve French. This series is presented by Cosgrove Meurer Productions, Inc. and Cadence13.



Listen to ‘CounterClock’

Investigative journalist Delia D’Ambra is delving into true crimes and turning back the clock to bring awareness to older homicide cases each season. Season 4 is investigating the death of John Welles, a Florida teenager found with a bullet in his skull in 2003. More clues were found during his autopsy and point to John’s timeline prior to finding his body. Stream all 15 episodes in order. “CounterClock” is presented by audiochuck.

Radio Rental podcast art

Radio Rental

Listen to ‘Radio Rental’

Tenderfoot TV’s imaginative podcast “Radio Rental” is back, sharing real-life horror stories in a fictional, ’80s video rental store. The eccentric shopkeeper, Terry Carnation, is voiced by Rainn Wilson, and different classic-inspired horror stories are shared each episode. Hear an eclectic variety of scary stories ranging from crimes to supernatural events. This series is created by Payne Lindsey, who also hosts the podcast “Up and Vanished.”

Up and Vanished Trial of Ryan Duke

Up and Vanished

Listen to ‘Up and Vanished’

“Up and Vanished” covered Tara Grinstead’s case in season 1, a beloved Georgia high school teacher who vanished. Two suspects were arrested. Ryan Duke is currently on trial for Grinstead’s murder, and season 4 recaps what’s happened since 2017, sharing updates starting in May. Seasons 2 and 3 cover 2 separate cold case disappearances: Colorado’s Kristal Reisinger and Blackfeet Nation Indian Reservation’s Ashley Loring HeavyRunner. This series is by Tenderfoot TV and hosted by Payne Lindsey.

Badlands podcast art


Listen to ‘BADLANDS’

Double Elvis’ “BADLANDS” explores the true crimes, scandals, and misadventures of Hollywood’s A-listers. This season, hear about Lindsay Lohan’s arrest record, Judy Garland’s drug habit, Sean Penn’s stint in prison, Mickey Rourke’s crimes, and more. There’s a 2-part Sharon Tate episode covering drug use, organized crime, and more leading to Tate’s murder by Charles Manson and his followers. Check out 10 new episodes this season.

Blood Ties

Listen to ‘Blood Ties’

Wondery’s “Blood Ties” is a fictional drama for fans of Succession. Eleonore Richland revealed secrets from her father’s legacy and hoped to clean up her family’s business. In season 3, Eleonore grapples with her father’s stance that “medicine is a bloody business.” This series stars Christian Navarro (13 Reasons Why), Gillian Jacobs (Community, Love), and Peter Stormare. All 6, new episodes are now streaming.

Let's Tawk with Jaime Primak Sullivan podcast art

Let’s Tawk with Jaime Primak Sullivan

Listen to ‘Let’s Tawk with Jaime Primak Sullivan’

New Jersey’s Jaime Primak Sullivan is hilariously “tawking,” not talking, with her assistant Jaxon on this podcast. Jaime is the writer/producer from the Cawfee Tawk Facebook series, and episodes share real takes on relationships, culture, work, marriage, parenting, and more. Jaime is happy to share her life on this Lemonada series. So far this season, episodes covered “Invasive Curiosity” and “Imposter Syndrome.”

Undermine podcast art


Listen to ‘Undermine’

Osiris Media’s “Undermine” is a music history podcast releasing new episodes on Wednesdays. Phish fans will love this season! It’s all about the band’s 13 iconic Madison Square Garden shows from 2017. Years later, this podcast is unpacking the concert’s 230+ songs, extended jams, donuts 🍩 , and the band’s historical legacy. There are interviews with fans, artists, and music critics all season long.

Something Was Wrong podcast art

Something Was Wrong

Listen to ‘Something Was Wrong’

Wondery’s “Something Was Wrong” is a docuseries sharing relationship stories, traumas, recoveries, and how the guests learned shocking truths. Now in its 13th season, hear about terrifying life events and abusive relationships told firsthand by victims, survivors, and their friends and family.

Rebel Eaters Club podcast art

Rebel Eaters Club

Listen to ‘Rebel Eaters Club’

From Transmitter Media & Virgie Tovar comes “Rebel Eaters Club,” a series embracing body positivity, laughter, and snacks! Parenting coach Ginny Jones joined Virgie in the first episode this season to discuss raising food-positive kids and how to heal when growing up in a fat-phobic or food-restrictive household.

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