What to binge: 5 topical podcasts you should listen to this weekend

round up August 6, 2021

Happy Friday, everyone! Over at Podsauce, we’re kick-starting our weekends with some current events podcasts, and we’d like to share some with you. Whether you’re staycationing at home, hitting the beach, or taking a flight, we’ve selected some new shows to keep your mind busy and bring you up to speed on what you might have missed this week.

In our weekend podcast guide, we’ve included some behind-the-scenes takes on The Olympics, a pop culture news podcast, a show that brings light to navigating tricky conversations, and a space podcast.

The Podium

Listen to ‘The Podium’

As the Olympics are coming to a close, catch up on all the latest coverage from Tokyo’s Summer Games with “The Podium.” With daily episodes brought to you each day by NBC, we learn about pertinent topics such as emphasizing mental health before, during, and after the games, and getting in the right headspace to compete. In a recent episode, listeners heard about two new additions to the Olympics, Sport climbing and Karate’s Kata, and how these sports are all about visualizing and following through with your next moves.

In The Village

Listen to ‘In the Village’

NBC’s “In the Village” brings you behind the scenes of Tokyo’s Summer Games. Hosted by Elizabeth Beisel, you’ll hear athletes speak about their training, what the village is actually like, and the bliss of a win. Elizabeth interviewed guests such as BMX freestyler Hannah Roberts, who won a silver medal on two injured ankles. Hannah shares how she’s one of the first to line up in the dining hall every morning to beat the crowds. Hannah discusses how to downsize your luggage when packing for practicality, and how she always avoids bag fees. Listeners recently heard from American Track and Field gold medal winner, Valarie Allman. Valarie originally struggled to redefine her routine when arriving in Tokyo. She encourages younger athletes to try any sports available to them, because, hey, you never know what might bring you to The Olympics.

The Scroll Down

Listen to ‘The Scroll Down

Headgum’s “The Scroll Down” recaps hot topics from the week, focusing on a “main character” from Internet culture and pop news. This week, hosts Niccole Thurman and Marcela Arguello speak about the music festival, Lollapalooza. They discussed how DaBaby was cancelled and dropped from Lollapalooza’s lineup after he made homophobic comments at a concert. Earlier this summer, they spoke about the #FreeBritney conservatorship drama and Space Jam’s sequel.

Inappropriate Questions

Listen to ‘Inappropriate Questions’

Do you ever think of a question that might be too personal to ask? CBC Podcasts’ “Inappropriate Questions” explores these taboo topics and shares tips on how to navigate around these questions. Especially if you’re socializing for the first time post-pandemic, hosts Elena Hudgins and Harvinder Wadhwa will share real-life stories to help you with those situations. Recent examples delve into if it’s okay to ask an adoptee if they know their real parents. Other episodes explore: “Can I ask my Black friend how I can do better?” “Why don’t you drink?” “How much do you make?”

NASA’s Curious Universe

Listen to ‘NASA’s Curious Universe’

NASA’s “Curious Universe” podcast shares the latest space news. Its weekly episodes feature interviews with scientists, engineers, and astronauts. Other episodes teach about fascinating space topics like black holes and Earth’s expanding oceans. Recently, engineers David Zahn, Shivanjli Sharma, and Mike Guminsky appeared on the show to discuss their work and the potential of space highways.

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