Welcome to the weekend! 5 podcasts to stream over the next couple of days

round up August 28, 2021

Welcome to the weekend! While the summer is winding down, the selections of podcasts available to stream are as revved as ever! At Podsauce, we’re all about finding the right podcast for the right time. Today, we’ve selected 5 standout shows you might want to check out.

For this weekend’s guide, we’ve selected a true crime show, easy enough to binge through both seasons in a few days. We’ve also included a music series, a dating podcast that answers your burning questions, and a mental health podcast by neuroscientist Mayim Bialik. To celebrate the Paralympics, “A Winning Mindset” is an empowering listen.

To Live And Die in LA image

To Live and Die in LA

Listen to ‘To Live and Die in LA’

Tenderfoot TV and Audacy’s Cadence13 present “To Live and Die in LA,” a true crime series investigating two missing persons cases over two seasons. In the latest season, listeners hear about the disappearance of 20-year-old student Elaine Park. She was last seen exiting her boyfriend’s apartment. Elaine’s abandoned car was found in Malibu, unlocked, with her personal belongings inside. Rolling Stone journalist Neil Strauss hosts and recruits a squad to help investigate. The team involved neighbors, his ex-wife Ingrid De La O, guitarist/songwriter for the band Incubus Mike Einziger, and concert violinist Ann Marie Simpson. The group explores just how far they’ll go to find answers.

U Up?

Listen to ‘U Up?’

Named after the two-word, ubiquitous text message, “U Up?” Betches co-founder Jordana Abraham and comedian Jared Freid host their dating and relationships podcast to share thoughts, answer listeners’ questions, and give advice. On episodes, the hosts will unpack questions like how to slide into people’s DMs in a non-creepy way, can you set your standards too low, and how to know when it’s time to block someone and move on. The hosts will share commentary on relatable topics, such as dating app interactions, awkward dates, ghosting, and odd sexual encounters. In several segments of the show, Jared and Jordana read listeners’ submitted text conversations where the hosts will voice both sides.

Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown

Listen to ‘Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown’

You may have seen Mayim Bialik playing a neuroscientist on the show, “The Big Bang Theory,” among other amazing roles. Mayim Bialik, PhD is a neuroscientist IRL, and hosts the informative podcast “Breakdown” to delve into mental health and wellness. In over 12 years of experience, Mayim has studied most of the mental health challenges discussed on the show firsthand. She breaks down myths and stigma around mental illness, and provides scientific explanations. Mayim and guests will share stories, advice, and help listeners understand how to heal. Guests from all fields and industries join Mayim for excellent discussions. This season includes actor Rainn Wilson, musician Anthony Green, Hewlett-Packard’s Angela Matusik, Rabbi Steve Leder, and Dr. Gary Small from UCLA, just to name a few.

A Winning Mindset: Lessons from the Paralympics

Listen to ‘A Winning Mindset: Lessons from the Paralympics’

The Paralympics are in full swing until September 5, 2021. “A Winning Mindset: Lessons from the Paralympics” is presented by Allianz to interview Paralympians on their journey to the games, their life experiences, and how they shine both in and out of the sports world. This podcast is an inspirational listen, as we’ll hear about self-improvement, motivation, positivity, diversity, mental health, and more. The series also examines the Paralympic Movement’s impact on the world. BBC and Channel 4’s Andy Stevenson hosts the show, and has spoken with champions such as Bebe Vio, Tatyana McFadden, Amina J. Mohammed, and Ellie Cole, so far. New episodes are posted semiweekly.

The Metallica Podcast: Volume 1 – The Black Album

Listen to ‘The Metallica Podcast: Volume 1 – The Black Album’

Metallica partnered with Amazon to present “The Metallica Podcast: Volume 1 – The Black Album.” In celebration of “The Black Album’s” 30th anniversary and the record’s newly mastered re-release, Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, and more insiders from Metallica’s world share stories. Music clips appear throughout the episodes. Classic tracks such as “Enter Sandman” and “Nothing Else Matters” are explored, and this podcast is more than a behind-the-scenes look at Metallica’s catalogue and career. Listeners will hear stories from Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, and Kirk Hammett themselves.

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