#WeekendReady: 5 podcasts to stream over the next few days

round up December 10, 2021

Happy Friday! On our weekend listening guide, tune into a new psychological thriller podcast movie presentation that’s suitable for true crime fans. There’s a top-charting podcast investigating how a Georgia woman wound up at the January 6th Capitol riots and died.

Hear two educational podcasts: one is all about the Metaverse, and another features bright minds answering important questions. A trending true crime series recently released its fourth season, so we included it on our round-up.

Check out our complete listening guide below:

American Radical

Listen to ‘American Radical’

Rosanne Boyland’s family and friends presumed she hated politics. The Georgia resident was known as a homebody, and her family was devastated to learn she died at the January 6th, 2021 Capitol riots. She had been in the crowd attempting to hop the police barricade. The Boylands and Rosanne’s brother-in-law wanted to understand how Rosanne wound up at the Capitol and dug into her personal and online lives. In MSNBC’s “American Radical,” journalist Ayman Mohyeldin hosts to uncover what happened over the last months of her life. The first few episodes are now streaming.


Listen to ‘Ghostwriter’

C13Features presents “Ghostwriter,” a podcast movie similar to “Treat,” starring Kiernan Shipka. It’s an 83-minute psychological thriller starring Kate Mara and Adam Scott. When a former journalist is offered a seemingly harmless gig – writing a murder mystery novel with an eccentric billionaire – the line between reality and fiction is blurred. Kate’s character realizes something is wrong, and becomes further engrossed in the story. Find out what happens in this fully-immersive audio experience, perfect for fans of fiction and true crime.

TED Radio Hour

Listen to ‘TED Radio Hour’

Broaden your mind with NPR’s “TED Radio Hour” this weekend. Hear from different thinkers each episode exploring major topics to inspire, challenge, and surprise listeners. Listen to episodes covering “Life’s Rough Edges,” systematic change, the ocean, and how art can change our lives, just to name a few. The series is hosted by Manoush Zomorodi, and has released over 140 episodes. The average episode length is under an hour.


Listen to ‘Unraveled’

From Discovery+ comes “Unraveled,” a true crime podcast now in its fourth season, hosted by journalists Billy Jensen and Alexis Linkletter. This season follows Bob Ward’s case, a Florida real estate agent accused of murdering his wife, Diane Ward. Florida believes Bob is guilty, but his daughters and sister-and-law are not convinced. Start from episode one to hear Billy and Alexis delve into this case and learn about new evidence while they search to uncover the truth. The average length of episodes is 40 minutes long.

Into the Metaverse

Listen to ‘Into the Metaverse’

Bloomberg Finance Talk presents “Into the Metaverse,” exploring the new technology platform. Since November 2021, Bloomberg Intelligence Senior Analyst Matthew Kanterman and Supersocial founder/CEO Yonatan Raz-Fridman have unpacked the latest news and interviewed bright minds behind the latest developments. Recent episodes discussed ETFs, Facebook’s rebrand to Meta Platforms, the creator economy, Roblox, and more. All episodes are under 50 minutes long.

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