Check out these 5 podcasts in your holiday weekend downtime

round up December 23, 2021

Happy holidays! If you’re looking to chill out this weekend with some podcasts, check out our listening guide. On our list, we’ve rounded up an advice podcast hosted by 2 beloved YouTubers and authors. There’s a new dating podcast in case you wanted to be a fly on the wall for first dates and then hear the participants getting coached by dating pros. A new, trending true crime show investigates a killer after an eyewitness recanted her statement of who she originally identified as the killer.

Gina Rodriguez lends her voice to QCODE’s new dramatic fiction podcast, and Wilmer Valderrama focuses on essential workers in his new series.

Scroll down to check out our complete weekend listening guide:

Dear Hank & John

Listen to ‘Dear Hank & John’

Complexly’s “Dear Hank & John” answers listeners’ life questions – big and small – with guests in episodes. Hank and John are YouTubers and authors who have plenty of heartfelt advice to share. They’ll tackle the news, dish on their passions, and crack jokes. Ryan Reynolds stopped by the show in December to chat about acting, his first jobs, conflict resolution, chickens, and more. Since 2015, the show has released over 300 episodes. Check out new, weekly episodes under an hour long.

This is Dating

Listen to ‘This is Dating’

Magnificient Noise presents “This is Dating,” a podcast that selected four daters who felt stuck with their dating lives. Listen in for cringey moments, sparks of connection, and getting beyond awkwardness as the series records first dates. The daters are set up with coaches, and the podcast sends the participants ice breakers and prompts to discuss during their dates. Listeners can tune in to hear what unfolds.

Essential Voices with Wilmer Valderrama

Listen to ‘Essential Voices with Wilmer Valderrama’

From iHeartRadio, My Cultura, and Clamor comes “Essential Voices with Wilmer Valderrama,” a series highlighting and celebrating voices from the frontlines. In episodes, hear from food service industry workers, childcare providers, transportation operators, activists, celebrities, and more. So far, the series has released over 15 episodes, averaging an hour long.

Last Known Position

Listen to ‘ Last Known Position’

QCODE’s latest fictional drama podcast, “Last Known Position,” centers around experts looking for a missing flight that was last seen over the Pacific Ocean. Gina Rodriguez plays the pilot, Mikaela Soto, and James Purefoy voices the billionaire, William Cavanaugh. A yacht sets sail to search for the flight whose passengers included the billionaire’s wife and daughter. The expedition’s crew shortly realizes they’re in over their heads, and they must fight to overcome dangers and traitors. Start the series from the very first episode, and tune in for new, weekly episodes.

The Real Killer

Listen to ‘The Real Killer’

iHeartRadio’s “The Real Killer” is a new, trending true crime series investigating JoAnn Tate and her family’s attacker. They were attacked at home in 1982, JoAnn was killed, her daughters were critically injured, and JoAnn’s ex-boyfriend was identified as a suspect. In 2015, JoAnn’s daughter, Melissa, claimed the suspect was innocent. Podcast host, true crime TV writer, and director Leah Rothman wants to find the actual killer in this series, which led to shocking, new information. Listen in from the very first episode. New episodes are posted weekly, and run under 40 minutes long.

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