#TGIF: 5 podcasts to stream over the next few days

round up March 4, 2022

Welcome to the weekend! We’re celebrating Women’s History Month and tuning into “In Fact with Chelsea Clinton” to hear inspirational stories from trailblazing women. To learn more about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, stream a news commentary podcast on our list.

If you’re looking for a comedic distraction from the news, “Normal Gossip” shares bizarre, secondhand stories with guests like podcaster Sam Sanders. There’s a true crime series short enough to binge in a few hours if you’re a fan of the genre. We’ve also included a science podcast on our list covering current events and answering burning questions.

Here are Podsauce’s podcast picks to stream over the next few days:

In Fact with Chelsea Clinton podcast art

In Fact with Chelsea Clinton

Listen to ‘In Fact with Chelsea Clinton’

iHeartPodcasts’ “In Fact with Chelsea Clinton” is celebrating Women’s History Month with new episodes this March, featuring trailblazing women from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. Stream the first episodes with Senator Tammy Baldwin and Chef Mashama Bailey as they pay tribute to women who paved the way. Upcoming episodes include Megan Rapinoe, Stella McCartney, and more inspirational women. New episodes are under 40 minutes long.

Plain English with Derek Thompson

Listen to ‘Plain English with Derek Thompson’

The Ringer’s “Plain English with Derek Thompson” shares news commentary in semiweekly episodes under an hour. Recent releases broke down the Ukraine-Russia conflict and explored questions like how the war will impact the world. Derek was previously joined by guests like venture capitalist Josh Wolfe from Lux Capital, author Dan Pink to chat about his book The Power of Regret, and journalist James Fallows.

Normal Gossip

Listen to ‘Normal Gossip’

It’s odd. It’s banal. It’s “Normal Gossip,” a comedy podcast sharing reader-submitted gossip with host Kelsey McKinney. Along with guests, they’ll spill secondhand stories like “Spot the Scammer,” “Nemesis by Proxy,” and “Always Google Your Neighbors.” Episodes feature several podcasters like Sam Sanders, Scam Goddess‘ Laci Mosley, ICYMI’s Rachelle Hampton, and more.

Motive for Murder

Listen to ‘Motive for Murder’

Dateline NBC’s “Motive for Murder” is a 6-episode true crime series hosted by Josh Mankiewicz. This startling series covers two murders occurring months apart in Houston, Texas. The victims knew each other, and we learn if they knew their killer or if there was a motive.

Science Friday

Listen to ‘Science Friday’

WNYC Studios’ “Science Friday” is “brain fun for curious people” with episodes running less than 50 minutes each. Hear about current events like Olympic battery-heated skiing shorts, a new fusion energy record, successful HIV treatments, and more. Episodes are super educational, covering an assortment of topics, and answering questions.

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