True crime, Title IX, and a ‘Bachelor’ dime: 5 of the freshest podcasts to stream this weekend

round up May 13, 2022

What’s better than a good ol’ Friday the 13th? With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, we’ve included the new Lemonada Media podcast, “Burnout,” all about the all-too-familiar feeling. Also, we’re approaching the 50th anniversary of Title IX, a monumental federal civil rights law that prohibits sex-based discrimination in schools/educational programs that receive federal funding, so of course we have a podcast about that.

Plus, we’ve got some environmental true crime, some celebrities getting wild, and a fiery new podcast from one of Bachelor Nation‘s most recognizable (and entertaining) characters. Be sure to check out this list of five podcasts to stream this weekend.


Listen to ‘Burnout’

Burnout seems to be reaching peak levels everywhere we look. People of all ages are experiencing it, and the pandemic has only made things worse. Connor Franta hosts this new Lemonada Media podcast, “Burnout.” In it, he explores what burnout actually is, how deeply it effects us, and if we can fix this systemic issue.

In Their Court

Listen to ‘In Their Court’

Just half a century ago, Title IX was passed, and it was now illegal for schools receiving federal funding to discriminate on the basis of sex. In 2021, University of Oregon basketball player Sedona Prince went viral on TikTok when she showed the world the shocking contrast between the NCAA men’s and women’s facilities for the NCAA Championship Tournament.

In fact, the NCAA women were allowed for the first time in 2022 to use the term March Madness for their NCAA Tournament. While we’ve come a long way in 50 years, there are still many inequities persisting within and beyond women’s hoops. Hear more in this new NBC Sports podcast “In Their Court.”


Listen to ‘Drilled’

Investigative journalist Amy Westervelt hosts “Drilled,” a podcast about all the crimes committed against our planet and, subsequently, the impact on our future on it. Amy breaks down climate issues, keeps us updated on landmark cases and happenings, and speaks with experts about climate misinformation, disinformation, and inaction. From plastic pipelines to fracking to breaking down Big Oil propaganda, “Drilled” is terrific and terrifying.


Listen to ‘BADLANDS’

From the man who brings us “DISGRACELAND” comes the crazy-but-true tales of celebrities from Robin Williams to Lindsay Lohan in “BADLANDS.” Hear about untimely deaths of actors like Brittany Murphy and Heath Ledger. Hear tragic stories like the so-called Poltergeist curse that claimed four actors from the film within six years of each other or the many theories around the death of Marilyn Monroe. These are the wild, but true, stories behind fame and fortune.

Demigoddess podcast art


Listen to ‘DemiGoddess’

Even the most unattached of Bachelor fans will recognize Demi Burnett. She first made her debut on the 23rd season of the show before making an even bigger splash on Bachelor in Paradise. Now, she hosts her podcast “DemiGoddess,” where she’s talking all about pop culture, dating, sex, and relationships, along with more personal stories around her journey of self-discovery, her newfound sobriety, her autism diagnosis, and more. She’s also speaking with other reality television stars and answering listener questions.

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