Happy Hallo-weekend! 5 podcasts to stream this final frightening weekend

round up October 29, 2021

How you Dune? It’s Hallo-weekend and we are barreling headfirst into the holiday season. On this beautiful autumn weekend, we are bringing you a scary story from the King of Horror and a World Series podcast that we can’t help but love. Ah, how timely of us! And, obviously, a little bit of Dune action with a great film podcast.

Whether you’re staying in or going out on the hunt for candy, be sure to check out these 5 podcasts to wind down before Monday (and the month of November) rolls around.

Driving the Green Book

Listen to ‘Driving the Green Book’

“Driving the Green Book” follows award-winning broadcaster Alvin Hall and social justice trainer Janée Woods Weber as they drive from Detroit to New Orleans collecting stories of Black Americans who used the historic travel guide The Negro Motorist’s Green Book. In the midst of segregation and hate in America, the book helped Black Americans find safe havens on the road, alleviate their fears, and ultimately let them travel with dignity and assurance. “Driving the Green Book” is preserving the legacy of those who lived through the haunting era of segregation and telling the stories that Hollywood won’t.

Decoder Ring

Listen to ‘Decoder Ring’

“Decoder Ring” is a Slate podcast that is cracking the cultural myths, mysteries and phenomenons that have confounded us for ages. From the mullet to the metrosexual, Bart Simpson Mania and the Cabbage Patch Kids riots, host Willa Paskin is trying figure out what these things mean and why they happened. And it’s not all silly, important cultural touchstones like the phrase “a friend of Dorothy” to tattoos whose meanings have changed over the years. Check out “Decoder Ring” to find out more.

The Run: 2016 Chicago Cubs

Listen to ‘The Run: 2016 Chicago Cubs’

The World Series kicking off this week, we can’t help but look back on the incredible run of the 2016 Chicago Cubs. Finally breaking a 108-year-long losing streak, it was a tearjerker to see them finally win no matter who you were a fan of. “The Run: 2016 Chicago Cubs” is looking back at that fall that was one for the books. Or, if you’re like us and still a little salty about what happened the year after, check out “The Edge: Houston Astros.”

Strawberry Spring

Listen to ‘Strawberry Spring’

We hope you aren’t too tired of scary, seasonal podcasts, yet, because we certainly aren’t! And who better to finish off spooky season than the King of Horror himself? “Strawberry Spring” is Stephen King’s first foray into the podcasting world, and this immersive podcast will put you right into his horror story of the same name. See if Springheel Jack will be caught this time, or if we’ll have to wait until another Strawberry Spring for his killings to start up again.

The Big Picture

Listen to ‘The Big Picture’

Perhaps you are one of the hoards of people who watched one of the most anticipated films of this fall. Dune has been sweeping the globe and is raking in the dough. It’s Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya, what did we expect? The Ringer’s “The Big Picture” digs into new releases and speaks with filmmakers and industry insiders on their opinions and impressions. Be sure to check out their newest episode “Dune. DUNE. DUNE!” to hear about how it was adapted from the gigantic novel to the screen, and compare it to the 1984 version, as well.

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