#WeekendVibes: 5 shows to stream this weekend

round up September 10, 2021

Welcome back to Podsauce’s weekend listening guide. We’ve rounded up some must-listens!

We’re grieving 9/11 this weekend and hearing “9/12,” a show about people navigating the world in the following decades. #NeverForget.

Since football season kicked off this week, we’ve included a fantasy football podcast with recaps and predictions. This week’s list includes a true crime show and a fictional drama that have been trending all week. Also topping our list is a comedic show by YouTubers to dive into the celebrity world and lighten the mood.


Listen to ‘9/12’

Wondery and Audacy’s Pineapple Street Studios’ latest release is Dan Taberski’s “9/12,” a series evaluating 9/11 the day, the idea, and how we have navigated the world differently since tragedy struck our nation. Each episode explores a different story. Listeners will hear from a reality TV crew that was sailing abroad at the time the attacks took place, how The Onion‘s satirical staff handled humor in times of crisis, and George Carlin’s daughter is interviewed on the comedian’s eerily predictive bit recorded two days before the attacks. Listeners will hear how current high schoolers commemorate lives lost with memorial ceremonies. All nine episodes are now streaming.

Fantasy Focus Football

Listen to ‘Fantasy Focus Football’

NFL fan? ESPN’s “Fantasy Focus Football” is for you! The show is hosted by fantasy experts Daniel Dopp, Field Yates, Matthew Berry, Mike Clay, and Stephania Bell. Each episode is filled with updates, injury reports, and predictions for this season. They’ll discuss lineups and weekly rankings.

Full Send Podcast

Listen to ‘Full Send Podcast’

“Full Send Podcast” is hosted by NELK YouTubers – Kyle Forgeard, Bob Menery, and friends. The hosts are joined by guests including Jake Paul, Donald Trump Jr., and Dana White, just to name a few. In a recent episode, Shaquille O’Neal joined comedian Druski and the hosts. Shaq dished on sports, his “beef” with Kobe Bryant, his DJ career, and recent investments. He’s working behind-the-scenes on 10 projects that he’s eager to announce soon.

Murdaugh Murders Podcast

Listen to ‘Murdaugh Murders Podcast’

The “Murdaugh Murders Podcast” is hosted by journalist and FITSnews.com’s Mandy Matney who has covered the case, and other tragedies in South Carolina for over three years. In 2019, Mallory Beach was killed in a boat crash. In June 2021, Maggie and her son Paul Murdaugh were shot in their home. Why does tragedy keep striking Hampton County? Mandy finds that this double homicide connects to other mysterious deaths in the area and has compiled her extensive investigative work in podcast form. Tune in for new updates on the cases.


Listen to ‘Carrier’

QCODE’s grippingly-dark drama “Carrier” follows a truck driver carting a refrigerated trailer, its contents unknown. The driver is provided with nebulous instructions to strictly follow when completing the job. Character Raylene is voiced by Cynthia Erivo (Tony, Grammy, and Emmy award winner). When Raylene is en route to Chicago, she is pulled over by the police and asked about the trailer in tow. She grapples with what to do next. What’s really in the fridge? Hmm… Find out by streaming all seven episodes.

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