Cheers to the weekend! 5 podcasts to stream over the next few days

round up September 17, 2021

Happy Friday! Welcome back to Podsauce’s weekend listening guide series. Hope everyone had a safe week! If you have time this weekend, we’ve rounded up some must-listen podcasts. If you’re looking to listen to enlightening conversations, learn about space, hear about Latinx music, interviews, culture, and more, this list has you covered!

We’ve included a trending true crime whodunnit for the books. We’ve also selected a new podcast from a pop star and her brother covering their lives and relatable talking points like dating. Audacy’s Cadence13 is pleased to present a new self-improvement podcast, which 100% tops Podsauce’s list.

Pulling the Thread with Elise Loehnen

Listen to ‘Pulling the Thread with Elise Loehnen’

The former goop COO and “The goop Podcast” host presents “Pulling the Thread with Elise Loehen” with Audacy’s Cadence13. Elise is asking big questions to bright minds in 45-minute episodes tackling why we do what we do. Elise hopes her conversations with cultural luminaries, doctors, thinkers, scientists, and more will enable us to learn from others’ perspectives. Our host is always looking to understand the world in a broader context, historically, spiritually, and socially while bringing meaning in a place that can feel unpredictable and chaotic.

This season, Elise will host inspiring conversations with an outstanding lineup: Joy Harjo, 23rd Poet Laureate of the United States, and world-renowned performer and writer of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation; Riane Eisler, social systems scientist and cultural historian; Elizabeth Lesser, bestselling author and the co-founder of Omega Institute; Loretta Ross, professor, activist, radical Black feminist; Jamie Wheal, Executive Director of the Flow Genome Project and Co-Author of the global bestseller Stealing Fire; and Olivia Laing, British writer, novelist and cultural critic. 


Listen to ‘Alt.Latino’

NPR’s “Alt.Latino” showcases Latinx arts and culture. Its episodes are jam-packed with music, conversations, and stories hosted by Felix Contreras. The podcast presented a fall music preview. On the episode, we’ll hear Colombian Avant Garde, Brazilian music, an appearance from legend George Clinton, and more! The podcast recapped Cuba’s history and uprisings, and unpacked the “Patria Y Vida” rallying cry.

A few weekends ago, former Alt.Latino co-host Jasmine Garsd broadcasted from a rooftop listening party with her friends in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Other recent episodes explore Latin Urban music in pop. In July, The Latino Experience’s filmmakers appeared to chat about their work and the film industry. Alt.Latino often digs into NPR’s archive to broadcast favorite interviews, such as actress Rita Moreno’s conversation from 2018.


Listen to ‘Suspect’

Wondery and Campside Media’s “Suspect” is a true crime whodunnit podcast. When an apartment complex hosts a Halloween party in 2008, one of the hosts, Arpana Jinaga, was found murdered in her unit. A suspect was identified and arrested, but did this person actually commit the crime?

Host and journalist Matthew Shaer received a tip about this story and started investigating. He recruited Eric Benson to return to the scene of the crime to follow new leads and they find a ton of new information. The hosts interviewed partygoers from that night, family, and friends. Do the hosts find a new suspect? We’ll have to tune in to find out.

Ask a Spaceman

Listen to ‘Ask a Spaceman’

With SpaceX launching its all-civilian crew this week, we’re ready to learn more about space! Astrophysicist Paul Sutter hosts “Ask a Spaceman” to answer many of your burning space-related questions in over 150 shows. What purpose do asteroids serve? What’s the deal with Cosmology? What is a Black Hole Firewall? These are just some of the great topics covered. Listeners will also learn about gravitational waves, space junk, Mars, the Uncertainty Principle, and more.

Workin’ on It with Meghan Trainor & Ryan Trainor

Listen to ‘Workin’ on It with Meghan Trainor & Ryan Trainor’

iHeartRadio and Cloud 10’s “Workin’ on It with Meghan Trainor & Ryan Trainor” is hosted by the brother-sister duo and celeb BFFs to share stories about their lives. Each episode focuses on a topic, such as dating, and they’ll be joined by other family members in future episodes. The show dropped this week, and a few episodes are available to stream so far. Tune in for new episodes on Wednesdays.

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