It’s the freakin’ weekend: 5 podcasts to listen to this weekend

round up September 3, 2021

We know what you did last summer… okay, no we don’t, but here in these final weekends of summer, we do know what you will be doing! Catch up on all those podcast episodes you missed this week.

Our weekend podcast guide for you has even more Elizabeth Holmes trial podcasts (this one from the man who brought Theranos down), a music competition, and a Myers-Briggs analysis that will have you questioning your entire personality. Also, important cultural podcasts about what it means to be Asian American and Native tribes’ fight for sovereignty in Maine.

Bad Blood: The Final Chapter

Listen to ‘Bad Blood: The Final Chapter’

In case you haven’t heard, the fiery case of the United States v Elizabeth Holmes started on August 31, 2021. And podcasts like “The Dropout” and “Bad Blood: The Final Chapter” are covering the trial of the once youngest self-made female billionaire. “Bad Blood: The Final Chapter” has an extra trick up their sleeve though, because hosting this pod is none other than the man who broke the Theranos scandal himself: John Carreyrou. He is going inside the courtroom to examine the case against Holmes and the fake-it-till-you-make-it attitude that got her here.

Asian Enough

Listen to ‘Asian Enough’

From the LA Times, “Asian Enough” is a podcast about the Asian American experience. The four hosts invite Asian American authors, actors, writers, comedians, and more on to share their own joys and complications of their identities. “Asian Enough” is expanding the way in which being Asian American is defined, across a vast diaspora of cultures and backgrounds. They’ve talked with guests like Lucy Liu, Sandra Oh, Kamala Harris, Padma Lakshmi, and so many more, so get listening.

Science Diction

Listen to ‘Science Diction’

“Science Diction” is looking at the science of language. Combining the history and etymology of science, they are diving into the meaning behind words. Like how do we name hurricanes? Why are they called dinosaurs? How did mercury make cats dance? Currently in a series about “The Rise of The Myers-Briggs,” “Science Diction” is a podcast about words and the science behind them.

Song Vs. Song

Listen to ‘Song Vs. Song’

Todd Nathanson and Alina Morgan put two songs head to head in a battle for supremacy. Both fighting to be the song of an era, there’s match ups like School’s Out vs Another Brick in the Wall, and Teenage Dream vs Poker Face. No song is safe, and no match up is quite like another. Listen to “Song Vs. Song” for your next fiery dinner table conversation.


Listen to ‘Sovereign’

For 150 years, Native tribes have been legally considered nations within a nation. Sovereign people that can create and enforce their own laws and make their own decisions. 40 years ago, Native tribes in Maine signed a deal with the state to surrender an outrageous amount of power for money and land. Now the tribes in Maine are fighting for new laws as Maine continues to suffocate the tribes’ resources. Listen to the first episode of “Sovereign” to hear from the Passamaquoddy on the Passamaquoddy reservation at Pleasant Point.

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