#TGIF: 5 podcasts you should listen to this weekend

round up August 13, 2021

Happy Friday the 13th! The only one of 2021, thank goodness. The only way we know how to keep up with all of the news is through some good ol’ podcasts, so we are sharing them with you. Our weekend podcast guide will bring you up to date on what you might’ve missed this week, and our suggestions to help you unwind this weekend.

We’ve got some Britney Spears’ news, spooky stories, and sandwich talk. Here’s a list of easy-listening, binge-worthy suggestions for this upcoming weekend.

It’s Britney, Bitch

Listen to ‘It’s Britney, Bitch’

In case you haven’t heard, Britney Spears’ father has agreed to step down from Britney’s conservatorship. She is free and we are all crying happy tears for our girl. “It’s Britney, Bitch” is a fabulous podcast celebrating over two decades of Britney. Hosts T. Kyle and Bradley Stern have been Britney stans since …Baby One More Time, and they will take you year by year through her life. They also talked about #FreeBritney back in June. Listen to it now to bathe in all of the Britney we’ve been blessed with.

Paranormal Activity with Yvette Fielding

Listen to ‘Paranormal Activity with Yvette Fielding’

When it comes to scary stories, we can be a little easily spooked, but it’s the second-spookiest day of the year, after all. “Paranormal Activity with Yvette Fielding” is the newest podcast diving into the ghostly realm. The podcast will tell listener stories about encounters with the unexplained; the first episode shares a frightening tale of a run-in with a specter on a bike. Yvette also shares her experiences with ghosts which spans 20 years. What we love is that it’s not too scary, it’s just straightforward stories that are inexplicably odd.

Sounds Like a Cult

Listen to ‘Sounds Like a Cult’

Do you think the Royal Family is a cult? What about Swifties? I mean, they’ve literally taken down people who have wronged Taylor Swift. John Mayer who? This is a podcast about the modern day “cults” that we all follow, but don’t want to actually call cults. From the Flat-Earthers, Astrology nerds, Bachelor fans, and all of those fraternity brothers and sorority sisters, hosts Amanda Montell & Isa Medina think that these things sound like cults. Listen to them have a hilarious chat about everything that’s essentially a cult without all the bells and whistles.

Short History Of…

Listen to ‘Short History Of…’

Noiser’s “Short History Of…” is the newest and most concise history podcast about some of the most pivotal events in human history. So far, they’ve covered the gladiators of Ancient Rome and part one of the Cuban Missile Crisis. We’re super stoked to hear more dramatized history about the world most incredible people and memorable events.

The Sandwich Universe

Listen to ‘The Sandwich Universe’

This podcast will change the way you eat in a good way. In an I’ve-never-had-a-sandwich-this-good way. In an I-can’t-believe-I’ve-been-eating-sandwiches-all-wrong kind of way. Host Molly Baz who used to be a Youtube star on Bon Appetit and Declan Bond are investigating the 10 most iconic sandwiches. Their first episode covers the BLT and how to elevate it in the simplest ways possible. Crispy bacon? Chewy bacon? Juicy ripe tomatoes? Yes please. Their second episode is, of course, the PB&J. Declan resists but Molly persists.

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