‘Proof: A True Crime Podcast’ investigated Brian Bowling’s death and helped exonerate 2 wrongfully convicted for murder

True Crime December 17, 2022
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Red Marble Media, Susan Simpson (“Undisclosed“), and Jacinda Davis (Evil Lives Here) present “Proof: A True Crime Podcast.” The podcast has been trending this December as there have been developments in Brian Bowling’s case that Simpson and Davis investigated. 2 incarcerated men have been exonerated, who were previously wrongfully convicted for Bowling’s murder and spent 25 years in prison.

One night in 1996, a gun shot was heard coming from a trailer just outside Rome, Georgia. 15-year-old Brian Bowling was found on the floor, bleeding from the wound. The next day, Bowling was dead. Investigators determined that Bowling shot himself, but 6 months later, his friends Cain Joshua Storey and Darrell Lee Clark were arrested.

They were accused of conspiring to kill Bowling, convicted, and sent to prison for life. But questions remained and the podcast investigated if Bowling’s death an accident, an example of a mishandled case, and if Storey and Clark were wrongfully convicted.

On the investigative podcast’s first season, Susan Simpson and Jacinda Davis traveled to Rome, searching for answers. They interviewed Bowling’s family and shared what they believed happened the night of his death.

The co-hosts tracked down key witnesses, walked back through the crime scene, and tried to determine why no autopsy was performed in this case. Simpson and Davis unearthed critical facts, information, police fumbles, and false testimonies that led investigators to conclude that Bowling was murdered.

In December 2022, Storey and Clark were exonerated after serving prison time for murder. This podcast is credited with drawing attention to this case, pointing out inconsistencies, and what they believed was “manufactured evidence.” On December 19, a new “Proof” episode will share Storey and Clark’s post-prison interviews.

Stay tuned for new episodes of “Proof: A True Crime Podcast” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Proof: A True Crime Podcast’

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