Candy glass and cigarette smoke: ‘Prop History Podcast’ dives into TV and film history with prop masters

TV & Film October 29, 2021
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Michael A Corrie’s “Prop History Podcast” takes a deep dive into film history, going behind the scenes to chat about prop designers, model makers, folks in charge of special effects, and more. Hosts Mike and Gregg appreciate the magic of cinema. They are movie buffs who geek out about their favorite films with their podcast (and each other!) as backdrops and sounding boards for their passions.

In early 2021, Michael began showcasing his film prop collection and prop how-tos with the world on TikTok, while elaborating on his film trivia knowledge in the clips. His YouTube and TikTok channels are called Props to History.” Recent videos included a tutorial on how to modify a lit cigarette to emit smoke without taking a drag, a 360 degree view of the T-800 Terminator Endoskeleton, a stop-motion video of Hubble Satellite ideas made from Lego, and how to make “Candy Glass” for bottle-breaking stunts.

Some artifacts from his collection were actually used in the films, while others are replicas. Michael has forever collected and built props, and works from his studio space in Indianapolis. After posting on TikTok, Michael’s channel began racking up views, and he received gig offers from Hollywood prop masters.

So far on the podcast, Mike and Gregg have covered classic films such as Back to the Future, Alien, The Mummy, and The Thing. They have explored Star Wars in 3+ episodes and love unpacking sci-fi films. They even discussed Sean Connery’s hair piece and blowing up a prop submarine in “The Hunt for Red Octobercast” episode. We learn the submarine in The Hunt for Red October was a model filmed without water on a soundstage that was made from vacuform panels and an aluminum frame.

Mike and Gregg spoke with TikToker BillieBillieB on a recent episode. They discussed diversity in films, and which films fall short. They explored visibility, and lack thereof, of disabled people in films. They covered the movie, Great Wall, and the props used.

In October, the hosts spoke with prop master and TikToker Scott Reeder aka ScottPropandRoll. They discussed his career in film and the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees’ (IATSE) strike if contracts were not agreed upon.

On a recent episode of Podsauce, “The Boo Crew” and “Bleeders DIEgest‘s” Trevor Shand shared “Prop History Podcast” as one of his picks. Trevor avidly collects memorabilia from horror films, fantasy fiction, and sci-fi movies. So “Prop History Podcast” is one of his go-to listens.

For more film trivia and prop history, tune into “Prop History Podcast” wherever you listen to podcasts.

Listen to ‘Prop History Podcast’

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