Odd Pod: Psychics, morgue workers, and more share their secrets on ‘Profession Confession’

Comedy November 22, 2021
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Eavesdrop on comedian Gabe Noah’s podcast equivalent of the confessional booth, and join guests sharing nitty-gritty details from their jobs on “Profession Confession.” Gabe is joined by folks making a living and some who are making a killing: you’ll hear from insiders dealing with crime, life, death, sex, and violence. In the series, “identities are hidden and judgment is suspended in hope of honest and unflinching confessions.” This podcast’s description delivers through startling, eye-opening, disturbing, interesting, and sometimes funny narratives each episode.

“Profession Confession” is Podsauce’s Odd Pod Pick of the Week, and the hosts discussed some episodes currently on their playlist. Dax learned about a VIP promoter who shared how they broke into the industry, dropped $30,000 at a mall, worked with and hosted celebrities, and partied with NBA players. Dax and Alesha were interested in the eye-removal technician episode where this person’s job is to cut out corneas and send them to people in need.

If you liked last week’s Odd Pod, “Roy’s Job Fair,” you might also enjoy “Profession Confession.”

Co-hosts Tevin and Gabe talked to a psychic who contacted Tevin’s deceased grandma. On the funeral director episode, the worker shares his experience working with dead bodies, grotesquely swollen corpses, what happens if you use too much embalming fluid, and pranks played.

In a recent episode, a juror from the Derek Chauvin murder trial (the police officer who killed George Floyd) shared his story. He decided to share his name on the podcast (Brandon Mitchell), and explained what his experience was like. Brandon started his own series, “The Wholesome Podcast.”

On other episodes of “Profession Confession,” listeners will hear from people who served in the military, sex workers, a personal injury lawyer, a human trafficking detective, a drug smuggler, and a morgue worker. Crime beat reporter Kristi Belcamino discussed covering cases in the Bay Area and San Francisco in the 1990s. She shared how she once had a sit-down conversation with a serial killer when searching for victims.

Tune in for episodes exposing secrets from the dark web, a computer hacker, a hostage negotiator, a doula, a gang member, a sugar baby, among other episodes.

There’s a recurring episode theme called “Television Debut,” exploring how people started in showbiz. Comedian and actor Steve Gillespie discussed his television debut on Conan; Tim Harmston talked about appearing on Letterman, and more.

“Profession Confession” has been releasing episodes since 2017, and has posted over 80 confessions. Check it out, wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Listen to ‘Profession Confession’

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