#TBT: ‘Punch Up The Jam’ is the ultimate mix of iconic pop songs, nostalgia, and hilarity

Music November 18, 2021
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Hello, and welcome to Podsauce’s first ever Throwback Thursday, where we will be indulging in podcasts about history, podcasts that induce nostalgic, or historic podcasts that have ended but left us with an RSS feed of pure gold. And here, on this blessed Thursday, we have managed to dig up a podcast that represents all three with “Punch Up The Jam.”

Sadly coming to an end at the end of 2020 (why did 2020 have to take so much away from us??), “Punch Up The Jam” was hosted by Miel Bredouw along with Demi Adejuyigbe in earlier seasons. Bredouw, a comedian and musician, and Adejuyigbe, a writer and comedian, would have on other comedians, podcast hosts, musicians, and actors to talk about iconic pop songs from the past before suggesting and implementing improvements. The end of each episode features the new remixed, or “punched up,” song, and hilarity typically ensues.

From Whitney Houston to Fall Out Boy, Dolly Parton to Metallica, the greatest pop songs in the history of the universe were discussed, adored, and remixed by “Punch Up The Jam.” Maybe Somebody That I Used to Know is a throwback for you, or perhaps I Wanna Dance With Somebody if that’s your age group. From true ’90s throwbacks like i2i from A Goofy Movie to Madonna’s Material Girl, we promise that there is an episode that will butter your roll.

A particular favorite of ours is the “Punch Up The Jam” episode with the hilarious Nicole Byer. In a rare circumstance, Cher’s Believe was pretty much deemed unpunchable, as it is the perfect pop song, complete with one of the first uses of auto-tune. Byer and Bredouw are unable to control themselves from singing even when the music stops as Adejuyigbe tries very hard to explain just what makes Believe a musical masterpiece. While Cher is too good to punch up, the trio believes that Believe can actually punch up other songs, overlaying many many songs on the backing track in an iconic remix.

Is Africa by Toto your jam? Are you longing for the days when Sk8ter Boi was the only thing on the radio? Perhaps Old Town Road is the new nostalgic classic that shoots you right back to 2019 sitting on a pedal tavern in Nashville’s honky tonk streets. That one is really specific, sorry if it’s not relatable.

Join guests like Chris Fleming, Griffin McElroy, Travis McElroy, Grace Helbig, Christine Sydelko and so many more on the quest to make the greatest hits greater.

We think that “Punch Up The Jam” is the ultimate throwback for our new weekly Throwback Thursdays. It’s got classic songs, incredible guests, and unqualified attempts to overthrow the greatest singers and songwriters of history. So long, and happy Throwback Thursday.

Listen to ‘Punch Up The Jam’

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