Queen of Tex-Mex: Learn about the life, music, and murder of Selena Quintanilla with these 9 podcasts

Music August 2, 2021

Selena Quintanilla-Pèrez is one of the most influential Latin artists of all time with the most tragic of stories. Born in south Texas, the Mexican-American entertainer was referred to as The Queen of Tejano music. She rocketed the Latin music genre into the mainstream, changing the genre forever. She was the top-selling Latin artist of the 1990s decade, despite her devastating murder in 1995. While she was a household name in Latin America in life, in death she became even more popular.

She is one of the best selling artists of all time – her album Dreaming of You, that she had been working on at the time of her death, set a record from 175,000 copies sold in the U.S. on the day of its release. The album debuted at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart, making Selena the first Hispanic artist to do so. The album also made Selena the first solo artist to debut a posthumous album at number one. Dreaming of You joined five other albums by her on the Billboard 200 chart, also making her the first female artist to ever do so. Talk about a legacy.

Selena is forever ingrained in music history; there will never be another artist quite like her. Her tragic murder has been compared to the murder of John Lennon, the death of Elvis Presley, and even the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. Fans traveled far and wide to mourn at her funeral – over 60,000 of them. Celebrities reached out to the Quintanilla family to express their condolences for her untimely death, and April 16, her birthday, was officially declared Selena Day in Texas.

People are still moved by a life cut short today, and we are keeping her alive in every form possible. Here is a list of podcasts and podcast episodes about the life and legacy of Selena.

Anything For Selena

Listen to ‘Anything For Selena’

Maria Garcia was only 9 years old when her childhood icon was murdered. Living on the Mexican-American border, she was in the middle of the grief, chaos and anger that erupted after the death of Selena. A new podcast from WBUR, “Anything For Selena” is Garcia’s quest to understand the deeply embedded legacy of Selena 25 years after her death. It’s an intimate journey through love, loss and mourning, and what it means to belong in America.

Selena: A Star Dies In Texas

Listen to ‘Selena: A Star Dies In Texas’

After it was discovered that Selena’s close friend and president of her fan club was her murderer, one question racked the brains of people across the globe: Why? How did it get this far? How did no one see it coming? VAULT Studios has access to never-before-heard audio that reveals the truths behind the deceit that killed Latin music’s brightest star. This is the story of a superstar, a superfan, and a murder that reshaped the music industry.

My Favorite Murder: 32 – Just The 32 Of Us

Listen to ‘My Favorite Murder: 32 – Just The 32 Of Us’

From “My Favorite Murder”, Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff cover the life and death of Selena in one of their earliest episodes. From her humble beginnings to a tragic end, hear a true crime take on the death of the Queen of Tejano music. They look into her killer, Yolanda Saldívar, the president of Selena’s fan club, and her crimes leading up to the murder of Selena.

Blood & Wine: A True Crime Podcast – Episode 47

Listen to ‘Blood & Wine: A True Crime Podcast’

Hosts Brittany and Taylor reminisce on the loss of musical legends John Lennon and Selena. Both were murdered by obsessed fans at the height of their careers, shot in cold blood. Lennon and Selena changed the musical landscape of the 20th century, redefining the rock and Latin music genres. Listen to “Blood & Wine: A True Crime Podcast” talk about the two icons over a bottle of 2017 Mark West – Pinot Noir from California.

DISGRACELAND – Episode #66: Selena


“DISGRACELAND” typically looks at the bad behavior of celebrities, but this episode is about the opposite. During her time, Selena was adored by fans, seen not only as a rapidly rising pop star, but as family. Her life was cut short before anyone could stop it: she was unknowingly caught up in the deceit, betrayal, and murderous jealousy of a friend. “DISGRACELAND” analyzes the short life of the woman who single-handedly ushered the Golden Age of Tejano music in to Texas.

Pop Culture Happy Hour – Selena: The Series

Listen to ‘Pop Culture Happy Hour: Selena: The Series’

Selena was just making her way into American mainstream pop music when she was killed at 23 years old. Despite her short career, her story spawned a 1997 movie starring Jennifer Lopez in her first leading role, as well as the recent Netflix series Selena: The Series. In this episode, “Pop Culture Happy Hour” talks with the host and creator of the “Anything For Selena” podcast, Maria Garcia, about the legacy of the singer who would have turned 50 this year.

History of the 90s: Selena | 20

Listen to ‘History of the 90s: Selena | 20’

“History of the 90s” host Kathy Kenzora looks into the life and death of Selena. This episode looks at the legacy Selena left behind and the mark she left on music history. She not only changed the musical landscape of her time, she changed the course of the entire decade.

Name 3 Songs: When Idolization Goes Too Far

Listen to ‘Name 3 Songs: When Idolization Goes Too Far’

“Name 3 Songs” is a podcast dedicated to challenging sexism in the music industry and looking at the way women, fans or artists, are treated. Hosts Sara Feigin and Jenna Million look at celebrity idolization in this episode of “Name 3 Songs”. They dive into the psychology of these para-social relationships, or one-sided relationships with public figures. They then discuss the extreme examples that led to stalking and the murders of Selena and John Lennon.

Nostalgique: Selena (ft. Monica Garrido)

Listen to ‘Nostalgique: Selena (ft. Monica Garrido)’

Hosts Ben Sosa Wright and Aba Amuquandoh get together weekly to reminisce about the pop stars of their childhood. On “Nostalgique”, they fangirl over Selena with guest Monica Garrido and how the Queen shaped their upbringing. They talk religion, ouija boards, and the legacy of the Texan pop star.

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