Pull up for a drink and a break from politics at Bill Maher’s home bar, ‘Club Random,’ featuring guests like William Shatner, Quentin Tarantino, and more

Comedy March 31, 2022
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Bill Maher’s new comedy series is rewriting the rules for podcasting, just like he did on his TV show, Real Time. In conversations with guests all season, Bill is sitting down for raw, one-on-one interviews and talking about the whole wide world outside of politics. Bill created this series to highlight a different side of himself on a platform for conversations that aren’t political. He’s hosting the sorts of real, casual chats he has off-air in greenrooms or cozy bars.

Stream the episodes in any order with interesting, unexpected, and funny guests queuing up at his personal, home bar that he calls Club Random. So far, episodes run less than 70 minutes each, and new episodes are posted weekly. In addition to “Club Random,” Bill releases audio versions of his TV program on Fridays, HBO Podcasts’ “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

William Shatner dropped by the first episode to chat about Hollywood parties, aging, romance, and the spectrum of human sexuality. They riffed on a variety of things including getting stoned, bad crowds at comedy shows, making the Religulous documentary, and the universe’s origins. They talked about realizing dreams and that they both were age 36 when they accepted great gigs. At that time, William landed on Star Trek, and Bill was on Politically Incorrect. Bill shared that he just finished taping his 12th standup special, airing April 15th on HBO.

Later this season, Bill will chat with Quentin Tarantino, Bella Thorne, rap artist Freddie Gibbs, YouTuber Hannah Stocking, Adam Carolla, Killer Mike, Judd Apatow, the hosts from the “Guys We F*cked” podcast, and more. If you’re a fan of “WTF with Marc Maron” or “Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard,” we think you’ll like “Club Random.”

Video versions of podcast episodes are available on YouTube. Real Time with Bill Maher is now in its 20th season on HBO. Tune in Mondays for new episodes of “Club Random with Bill Maher.”

Listen to ‘Club Random with Bill Maher’

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