Is there a more perfect pairing than books and booze? ‘Reading Between the Wines’ is keeping our to-read lists and to-drink lists long

Arts April 8, 2022
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Have you been slacking in book club again? No shame if you’re only in it for the wine, we won’t tell. 😉 If you’re looking for way to hear about great books and even better wine, “Reading Between the Wines” is here for you. Avid reader Winnona Glass and certified sommelier (also known as the Somm of the South) Keagan Moore are creating the perfect pairings between book club staples and wine worth your time.

Even if you find yourself drawn to only one of these subjects, the two hosts are sure to charm you into listening. Not only will you gather talking points that could fool anyone into thinking you read the assigned novel, but you’ll walk away with a wealth of knowledge on all things red, white, and sparkling.

Like any good book club, Winnona and Keagan release episodes once a month and have been doing so since the end of 2020. So far, they’ve released nearly 20 episodes, and depending on the book, those episodes range from 30 to 50 minutes long.

An idea birthed from quarantine, “Reading Between the Wines” is combining many people’s self-care routines: reading and drinking. As recent Podsauce guests, Winnona and Keagan told us that their goal is to provide an easy-listening cliffs notes version of book club classics.

In the first half of every episode, she and Keagan give just enough details during their rundown of the most important plot points in each book they read. They share their favorite moments and quotes (for you to steal and present to book club as your own 😈) and definitely leave us feeling like we need to go actually read the book.

Every wine suggested ties into themes, settings, and even characters in each book they read. Attending a wedding on a small Irish island where someone inexplicably winds up dead? Obviously, we’re popping champagne while enjoying Lucy Foley’s thriller, The Guest List. Under house arrest for 32 years in the Metropol Hotel in Stalin’s Russia? Count Alexander Rustov is only drinking Châteauneuf du Pape, and so are we. A 2009 Châteauneuf du Pape to be specific, which Keagan tells us is a very deep and complex red that’s best to be decanted for two hours.

Maybe a line from a book like Jojo Moyes The Giver of Stars inspires their pairings: “Bordeaux bottles are sturdy like wives, while Burgundy bottles are curvaceous like their mistresses.” In every episode, Keagan gives us an in depth look into the wine she’s picked, from its history to the way it’s made to its tasting notes.

And it’s not just about what wine goes best with what book. Keagan is teaching us important life lessons on gifting wine (how expensive should a gifted bottle be? How do you know what wine they might enjoy?), the winemaking process, why certain wines come in uniquely shaped bottles, and more. As they’ve continued to create more and more episodes, the two continue to think outside of the box when it comes to wine pairings with these great books.

“Reading Between the Wines” is an entertaining, interesting, and easy listen. Even if you’re only coming for the wine or only for the books, you’re bound to be charmed by both Winnona and Keagan as they speak about their respective passions. Every episode is a little something different, and they’re making sure our reading lists and drinking lists always have something new to try. Be sure to check out Podsauce’s exclusive interview with the two, and tune into “Reading Between the Wines” wherever you get your podcasts.

Listen to ‘Reading Between the Wines’

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