#TBT: Relive iconic pop culture moments with ‘That Week in SNL (A Vintage Saturday Night Live Podcast)’

TV & Film December 30, 2021
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Travel through time with Andrew Dick and Tim Cicali’s biweekly series, “That Week in SNL (A Vintage Saturday Night Live Podcast),” analyzing iconic moments from your favorite late night comedy show. Celebs and musical acts are retaking the stage on this podcast through recaps, and you’ll get a front row seat to episode critiques, snippets of sketches, and plenty of jokes sprinkled in by the hosts. If you’re a fan of SNL, this series is the fab fun podcast equivalent of a pop culture history lesson.

Since 2017, this podcast has released over 130 episodes and counting. The average run time of episodes is 90 minutes, but ones on the longer side are over 2 hours. Listen in any order since each focuses on one SNL episode around the anniversary it originally aired. The episodes tend to jump around in years, so it’s a grab bag of which season will be covered next.

Episodes also jog listeners’ memory of SNL-adjacent ephemera like ABC’s TV movie from 2002, It’s Always Something with Gilda Radner.

In episodes, we’ll hear the hosts’ opinions on the seasons they rank as best and worst, which episodes reached infamy (Steven Seagal/Michael Bolton, for example, and episodes from season 20), and the guests that stole the show. In November, Late Night writer Arthur Meyer stopped by the show to unpack the Bernadette Peters/The Go-Go’s & Billy Joel episode from 1981.

SNL Network’s Jon Schneider appeared on the podcast’s release all about 2007’s Brian Williams/Feist episode that aired just before the writers’ strike broke out. It was also Maya Rudolph’s last episode as a cast member, and featured a cameo from Barack Obama.

Recent episodes remembered the Al Gore/Phish episode from December 2002. The hosts are often joined by guests like actor Ian Abramson. During the holiday season, Andrew and Tim remembered the Christmas episode with George Foreman/Hole from 1994. In the episodes titled “Off Week,” the hosts will discuss favorite films, answer listeners’ questions, dig into specific SNL seasons, and more. Other “Off Week” topics delve into vintage late night programming like Late World with Zach, Space Ghost, and The Sifl & Olly Show, just to name a few.

Throw on this podcast and get swept in the pop culture nostalgia this series offers. Tune in for new, biweekly episodes, wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Listen to ‘That Week in SNL’

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