#NeverForget: Remembering 9/11 with these 5 podcasts

History September 8, 2021

Never forget. It is with a heavy heart we write this round-up. It’s been 20 years since the terrorist attacks on 9/11. As a nation, we are still grieving this tragedy. Here are some podcasts that remember that horrific day, examine what was happening around the world in 2001, honor heroes in the line of duty, and commemorate lives lost.

We’ve selected an Audio Archive from one of Audacy’s talk radio stations, a season of Fox News’ “Rewind,” and the history podcast, “Blindspot.” The last four episodes of “Intelligence Matters” are called “Remembering 9/11.”


Listen to ‘9/12’

How did 9/11 the day become 9/11 the idea, and in what ways did our world change after the terrorist attacks? Host Dan Taberski contemplates these questions in his new podcast, “9/12.” In this seven-episode series, Dan will speak with a variety of individuals who had to face a new reality and walked the world differently as a result. Listeners will hear stories about fear, conspiracy, purpose, community, and finding meaning. In the second episode, listeners hear from comedians and late night hosts about humor. We’ll hear from a Brooklyn local who discovers, on 9/12, that dozens of his neighbors have left overnight. What sorts of memorials are being held by high schoolers in our modern day? Wondery and Pineapple Street Studios partner to present this Amazon Original series. All episodes are now available to stream.

1010 WINS 9-11 Audio Archive

Listen to ’10/10 WINS 9-11 Audio Archive’

Audacy’s 1010 WINS saved its live broadcasts from 9/11/2001 and shares them in its Audio Archive. Listeners can tune into the full live broadcasts from that day leading up to, through, and after the attacks. All 24 hours of footage are available to stream on Audacy.

Fox News Rewind: 9/11

Listen to ‘Fox News Rewind: 9/11’

From Fox News comes “Fox News Rewind: 9/11.” The second season’s 7 episodes remind listeners of the gut-wrenching tragedy of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The episodes speak with people who were there that day. Journalists, reporters, and first responders weigh in on what has happened since. Listeners will hear about the origins of Osama Bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri, a terror cell based in America in 2001, and warning signs leading up the attacks. In the episodes, we’ll learn about the United States’ war in Kuwait, the al-Qaeda, and Operation Neptune Spear. The first season of “Rewind” recapped the 2000s election.

Blindspot: The Road to 9/11

Listen to ‘Blindspot: The Road to 9/11’

The History Channel and WNYC Studios explore what happened in the world prior to the 9/11 attacks in season 1 of “Blindspot: The Road to 9/11.” Author, editor, reporter, and host Jim O’Grady investigates by pouring over FBI agent interviews, information from security experts, correspondence with bureaucrats, and other intel. Jim also examines interviews with people who knew the terrorists. In addition to hosting this podcast, Jim also reports at New York Public Radio and contributes to Gothamist. Season 2 is called “Blindspot: Tulsa Burning” and is hosted by KalaLea to report on 1921’s Greenwood District.

Intelligence Matters

Listen to ‘Intelligence Matters’

CBS Audio presents a 4-part episode dedicated to 9/11. Host Michael Morell is the former Acting Director of the CIA. In his podcast, he speaks with military personnel and leaders of the intelligence community. In Part 1, Michael spoke with Stephen Hadley, President George W. Bush’s Deputy National Security Advisor in 2001. Andy Card appeared in Part 2, who served as the Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush. Part 3 speaks with CIA Senior Analyst Winston Wiley. The last part of the series interviews Adm. James “Sandy” Winnefeld, the former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Commander of the USS Enterprise in 2001. Michael participated in the nation’s counter-terror efforts post-9/11 and chronicled his CIA contributions in the novel, The Great War of Our Time.

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