Can’t-miss episode: rom-com queen Jennifer Lopez stopped by ‘The View’ to chat about her film ‘Marry Me’ and more

Celebrity February 11, 2022
The View
Listen to ‘Wednesday, Feb. 9: Jennifer Lopez’ on ‘The View’

On Wednesday, February 9, Jennifer Lopez stopped by ABC’s The View, releasing audio-only versions in podcast form. Tune in at the 22:31-minute mark of this episode to hear J.Lo dish on her new rom-com, Marry Me, second chances at love, working out, why she humbly feels like a rookie, and more.

In the film, J.Lo’s character is Kat Valdez, a pop star set to marry Bastian (Maluma) on stage at a concert. Kat learned of his infidelity just before their wedding vows and decided to marry a random audience member, Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson), instead. J.Lo said filming Marry Me was a cathartic experience because it was something she’d never done – letting out hyper-specific behind-the-scenes feelings through art. A part of her was guarded going into shooting since the film was a very meta experience.

The singer, dancer, actress, producer, and entrepreneur’s film credits include rom-coms like The Wedding Planner, Second Act, and Maid in Manhattan. The New York Times ran a recent feature on J.Lo titled “Can Jennifer Lopez Save The Rom-Com?” We think she can, and perhaps she already has! J.Lo grew up watching rom-coms and still loves watching them. J.Lo appreciates the hope these films instill in terms of happiness, finding your way, adding meaning to your life, and finding love. J.Lo said these themes are especially important in hard times.

J.Lo is thrilled to release an album with the film, and it’s the first time she has written and produced a tailor-made album for a movie. In 1997’s Selena, she shared that she lip-synced for Selena’s voice in the performances, and she loved singing her own songs in Marry Me. She also produced Marry Me and said it was an amazingly fun project. She hopes to direct a film in the future.

Michelle Obama just named J.Lo as one of the co-chairs for her initiative, When We All Vote, and she told The View’s hosts why this is important to her. They will help people register to vote and understand their voting rights for the mid-term elections.

Also in this episode, J.Lo shared about working out and getting lean for the upcoming thriller, The Mother, and indulging in cookies she calls “J. dough.” J.Lo reminisced about her Super Bowl Halftime Show performance with Shakira two years ago. She said it was also special and empowering to sing with her daughter at the Super Bowl as well as mother-daughter appearances on stage almost every night for one song during her tour.

The View‘s podcast version is presented by GMA. New episodes are posted on weekdays, wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

Listen to ‘Wednesday, Feb. 9: Jennifer Lopez’ on ‘The View’

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