Let Roxane Gay and Tressie McMillan Cottom break it down for you on ‘Hear to Slay’

Society & Culture August 3, 2021
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From the legendary Roxane Gay and Tressie McMillan Cottom comes their Luminary original podcast, “Hear to Slay”. And, yes, you read that right. This is the Black feminist podcast you’ve been looking for that has been here all along. “Hear to Slay” is all about what Gay and McMillan Cottom know best: the things they love. They are able to beautifully articulate their perspectives on topics like culture, celebrity, art, politics, love, life, and everything in between.

Gay is a writer, professor, editor and social commentator, currently teaching at Yale University and opinion writing at The New York Times. She authored The New York Times best-selling essay collection Bad Feminist (2014), as well many other shorts, novels, and memoirs. Jumping into podcasting was an easy lateral move for her: she and McMillan Cottom succinctly cover topics in their podcast.

McMillan Cottom, too, is a writer, as well as a sociologist and professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is an academic expert in inequality and American high education whose essays have appeared in The Atlantic, Slate, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.

They take on current events (like love in lockdown) and interview Black creators and entrepreneurs about their newest pursuits. There is reading, writing, academia, activism and even barbecue all analyzed through a Black feminist perspective by two leading societal experts.

They also want to talk about the hard topics: white supremacy, politics, equal pay, racism. They gather Black experts to talk about their experiences in their fields, whether it be art, academia or medicine. Gay and McMillan Cottom discuss the deep-rooted racism in many facets of American society, but also how America can fix its racism problem.

For anyone out there looking for a fresh, funny and informative podcast that will no doubt make you smarter, “Hear to Slay” is here for you. Full episodes can be found on Luminary’s website. You will be properly challenged and thoroughly entertained. Gay and McMillan Cottom are here to remind you that being smart does not always mean taking yourself seriously. Listen to “Hear to Slay” for a weekly dose of perspective.

Listen to ‘Hear to Slay’

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