Odd Pod: ‘Roy’s Job Fair’ takes on the workforce with comedian Roy Wood Jr.

Comedy November 17, 2021
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Podsauce thinks comedian Roy Wood Jr. is a regular riot, and on “Roy’s Job Fair,” he’s sharing contagious laughs and inspiration about life and work in our Odd Pod this week! We previously recommended his podcast “Beyond the Scenes” for fans of “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition,” a weekly deep dive with guests into writing TV-friendly material.

Roy Wood Jr. is a correspondent and comedian on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah. On “Roy’s Job Fair,” Roy curiously co-hosts with JG and invites real people to share their hilarious and bizarre tales from the workforce. He brings his signature brand of empathy to hear about guests’ first jobs, brightest moments, epic fails, and cringe-worthy events. Listeners will hear secrets from workers, what it’s like to be unemployed, and hopeful tales of people who survived hardships before finding work. They’ll get into the human condition and advice on juggling work with life while searching for fulfillment. Also in episodes, Roy and his guests offer tips on breaking the ice with co-workers and share stories about race in the workplace.

You’ll hear from a diverse pool of guests: politicians, a former NASA employee, scammers, former service industry workers, business analysts, teachers, C-suite employees, ministers, physicians, TV reporters, cannabis entrepreneurs, and more. Besides work-related conversations specific to the guests’ industries and expertise, episodes share professional tips such as how to avoid sounding passive aggressive in emails, the best way to quit your job, and how to intervene if co-workers are fighting. It’s interesting to hear their perspectives.

Here’s a bonus incentive for you to check out “Roy’s Job Fair:” when listening to this series, you might find a lead for your next gig! Some of Roy Wood Jr.’s guests have job openings that could suit you.

On this week’s episode of Podsauce, Dax listened to “Roy’s Job Fair” and recapped a few episodes including “The Freakiest” (an episode exploring adult entertainment industry misconceptions), “Jacqueline’s Used Draws” (where the guest explained how she was a women’s oil wrestler in the ’80 and sold used panties), and “Black Air Force Ones” (a former blackjack dealer spilled the tea).

“Roy’s Job Fair” is an iHeartPodcast Network production. Join “Roy’s Job Fair” on Wednesdays for new episodes.

Listen to ‘Roy’s Job Fair’

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