Ryan Reynolds’ episode of ‘SmartLess’ has us rolling

Comedy August 3, 2021
Listen to Ryan Reynolds on ‘SmartLess’

For a man who is far too good-looking for a podcast, Ryan Reynolds sure knows how to work one. The Canadian born actor joins the men of “SmartLess” on what is no doubt at the top of the totem pole of podcast episodes. Reynolds is an exceptionally talented and absolutely hilarious; he and the “SmartLess” men have superb chemistry on the podcast.

To start off as they always do, they go back to Reynolds’ humble beginnings. Reynolds shares the story of his first few weeks in Los Angeles (the man drove there from Canada) and meeting Arnett, Batemen and Hayes. Without a work permit, he was unable to get a day job and instead went straight to an agent to see if he could get in to any auditions.

His first lead role on Two Guys and a Girl is what put him on everyone’s radars. After Deadpool’s release in 2016, he had pretty much become comedy royalty. His film credits now include a bizarre number of super hero movies under his belt (X-Men, Green Lantern and Deadpool), multiple rom-coms, dramatic features and animated features – totaling over 50 credits.

Reynolds has a crack about everything that comes out of Arnett’s mouth, and it’s often not PG. It’s a little bit of a miracle that the four men can stay on track. They manage to discus the Wade Wilson actor’s business escapades with Aviation American Gin, Mint Mobile, and even a Welsh football club.

But his humor is not what makes him a fantastic entertainer – he is so deeply genuine about his relationship with his wife, Blake Lively, and their children. The men all share how having (or not having) kids has altered their lives, and it’s a surprisingly vulnerable conversation to hear amongst fathers. This episode of ‘Smartless’ is going to be one of the best 77 consecutive listening minutes you’ll have for a long time.

Listen to Ryan Reynolds on ‘SmartLess’

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