Sarah Hyland, Harvey Guillén, Trixie Mattel and more star in the new rom-com-gone-wrong audio drama, ‘Bone Marry Bury’

Fiction February 28, 2022
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“Bone Mary Bury” is RomComPods’ and Dear Media’s newest fiction podcast, and oh boy, what a cast they’ve gathered. Featuring the Sarah Hyland as our main character, Allie, and Harvey Guillén as narrator/best friend Gabe. Along with side characters voiced by Josie Totah, Frankie Jonas, and even Trixie Mattel, “Bone Marry Bury” is the rom-com-gone-wrong we’ve all been waiting for.

Described as a reverse whodunnit with a raunchy twist, “Bone Marry Bury” is told by the future-version of Guillén’s Gabe. He tells us the story of his best friend, the 26-year-old Allie, who has just lost her waitressing job, has just been broken up with by her hookup that she didn’t even like that much, and is flat broke living on Gabe’s couch. The first episode (which is just 25 minutes by the way) starts us off on December 31, 2021 as the two prepare for a New Year’s celebration at their friend Summer’s “penthouse” apartment, where Gabe hopes there’ll be some closeted frat boys and Allie hopes to get wasted.

Despite Allie’s woes, Gabe has actually had a pretty successful year, becoming one of Nashville’s premiere drag queens. While he’s fully supportive of his best friend and doesn’t mind her crashing with him, he does fear that Allie may be an alcoholic. But, they head to the drug- and alcohol-fueled party anyway. While Summer toasts to a 2022 full of success and sex, Allie’s ex-hookup and ex-boss who are also attending this New Year’s Eve party aren’t making this a great start.

The two cute boys she meets may just have her changing her tune, though – even if one of them is her ex-boss’s brother. Also, falling off the balcony of this third-story apartment during a drunken fight might also put a damper on the year.

But that’s just the exposition. Not only have we now met the main players in this story, but we’ve met the three different people that Allie will bone, marry, and bury by the end of the month. But who is awaiting which fate? We’ll have to keep tuning in to “Bone Marry Bury” on Tuesdays to find out.

From Becca Freeman, who hosts “Bad On Paper” and founded the RomComPods podcasting network, and Rachel King, also a RomComPods employee, “Bone Marry Bury” is a brand-spanking-new audio drama. This new take on the rom-com riding the wave of fiction podcasts features huge stars like Modern Family’s Hyland and What We Do In The Shadows‘ Guillén. Be sure to check out the first episode of “Bone Marry Bury” wherever you get your podcasts.

Listen to ‘Bone Marry Bury’

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