Sarah Kendzior and Andrea Chalupa investigate news and politics on ‘Gaslit Nation’

Government September 21, 2021
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“Gaslit Nation” is an investigative, political podcast hosted by author Sarah Kendzior and journalist/producer Andrea Chalupa. Its weekly episodes detail the news, analyze global affairs, and unpack events from history to contextualize modern events.

Years ago, Sarah and Andrea delved into election hackings long before it became a bone of contention in recent times. The hosts will often share their opinions and predictions for future events.

Sarah and Andrea are joined by special guests such as members of Congress and Senate leaders. In recent episodes, listeners heard from author Amanda Lipman discussing how to run for office, Katharine Wilkinson on the climate crisis, and music writer Nelson George on his rapport with Prince and why art matters. The guests will share their observations and insight on the world’s affairs.

A recent episode, “Quid Pro Joe,” analyzed Senator Joe Manchin, where his funding comes from, and his family’s business practices. The hosts also examined his outlook on democracy, budget planning, and voting.

In August, an episode was devoted to Afghanistan coverage, the Taliban takeover, and how Afghan women’s rights might be impacted. The hosts detailed the war, complications with America’s exit, and the lasting effects the war will carry in years to follow.

The hosts reported on abortion laws in Texas, civil rights, and Supreme Court justices. In August 2021, an episode discussed new legislation from Congress and explained Angela Merkel’s travels in Russia and Ukraine.

Podsauce guest Kenny Mayne revealed he is an avid listener of “Gaslit Nation” and recommended Sarah’s books, Hiding in Plain Sight and Flyover Country. Hiding in Plain Sight is a journalistic take on democracy and Donald Trump’s presidency. Flyover Country is a collection of essays about America. Andrea created the thriller, Mr. Jones, about Stalin’s genocide famine in Ukraine.

“Gaslit Nation” posts new, weekly episodes.

Listen to ‘Gaslit Nation’

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