All of the sex and sexuality questions you couldn’t ask in sex-ed, explored with Dan Savage on ‘Savage Lovecast’

Society & Culture May 3, 2022
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Since 2006, advice columnist, author, and LGBTQIA+ activist Dan Savage has been answering your love, sex, and relationship quandaries on “Savage Lovecast.” In addition, he’ll talk about politics and other current events. If you have a question you’d like Savage to tackle on a future episode, feel free to call and leave a message at 206-302-2064. On his site,, longer and ad-free episodes are available to subscribers.

Stream the show’s archive of 800+ episodes in any order, focusing on a particular topic or question each time in less than an hour on average. Stay tuned for special guests from politics and the entertainment world on episodes to discuss all kinds of sexualities, relationships, news, and scenarios.

In a recent episode, Savage discussed Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill and laws in 3 states (Texas, Arkansas, Alabama) that say it’s a felony to provide appropriate healthcare to trans kids. Then, Savage investigated 2 challenging situations. After a woman’s boyfriend washed his own sheets for the first time, she had a feeling he cheated on her. Her suspicions were confirmed when she confronted him and he explained that “monogamy is unnatural.” Savage discussed if this is true and whether or not men need variety.

In another caller’s question, a man’s husband has moved because one of them didn’t like the cold and rainy Pacific Northwest. They’re still together and miss one another. The man feels like the home they once shared is a “museum of their love” and a painful reminder that they’re geographically separated. He wonders if he should sell the house and move on. Later in the same episode, Savage was joined by comedian and actor Gianmarco Soresi to share his straight male perspective on dating and 🍆 pics.

In another episode, a queer Ukrainian woman lives in Canada. She is disturbed and heartbroken to learn that her Russian grandmother is homophobic and pro-Putin. She asks Savage how she can possibly maintain a relationship with her grandmother with all these factors involved. Then, Savage is joined by his old enemy and reformed Republican strategist, Tim Miller from The Bulwark, to discuss Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

These are just some examples of the many questions and concepts Savage unpacks in “Savage Lovecast.” In addition to podcasting and other projects, Savage writes an advice column and has penned several books including Savage Love from A to ZAdvice on Sex and RelationshipsDating and MatingExes and Extras.

Tune in for new, weekly podcast episodes filled with advice and insight that just might help you navigate your relationships.

Listen to ‘Savage Lovecast’

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